Grace's Special Things

This chain was a gift from a special person in Grace's life.  She wore it almost every day with her cross and her Koran (from Poppa) together with these three symbols which were always important to her.

"Grace's Bench" in her garden at Lower Swell


"Grace's Candle

'Grace who lit our lives'.  This lovely candle, with beautiful perfectly chosen words and butterflies, was so kindly made for Grace's memorial service at Teddies and now we have it at home for us and Grace. 

"Grace's Bag"

So many will remember Grace's bag.  She really loved it and used it constantly..  I made it for her, on her instructions, and it turned out much more brilliantly than either of us had hoped!  She had it with her on the 7th, full of everything she would need for the night away.  It still smells of Grace's scent and is a wonderful part of Grace.



"Grace's Green Shoes"

Grace found these shoes on Monday afternoon while we were shopping for a present.  She thought she had found the present and it seemed a good idea to try the shoes on to see if they looked good and were comfortable. As soon as she put them on, I knew they were perfect for her and so I bought them for her. She was thrilled and wore them that last night. I treasure them now.



"Grace's Bench"

Grace would be so proud and happy to know that there is a bench for people to sit on and chat right next to her cherry tree in the quad at Teddies. She might be slightly embarrassed that her name is on the front and a small plaque 'Beautiful Grace' is on the back, but we're sure she is secretly delighted!



"Grace's Cherry Tree

This tree, planted in the quad in November 2009, is called 'Sunburst' which seems such an apt name for Grace.  Many friends and relations have planted bulbs underneath which will always come up and we hope to keep a constant display of pretty fragrant flowers there to remind us of Grace. Her favourite lilies are in the bed behind.


"Grace's Music

"I Try" by Macy Gray is one of Grace's favourite songs,
which we played for Grace at her funeral.