Past Events

This year (2016) we are not having a service for Grace. It feels ok but I am missing it a bit. Just in case anyone has a drink handy at 7pm tomorrow, 7th April, it would be lovely if you would join us in a toast to Grace. And, of course, if anyone finds they are able to call by to have a snack in our pub (The Golden Ball, Lower Swell, GL54 1LF) with us around 1pm on Saturday the 9th, I expect we will be raising more glasses to Grace then too and we will be delighted to welcome you.

Saturday 9th April 2016 - we plan to go to the pub as usual for drinks and sandwiches and would love to see anyone who might want to join us. I am not yet sure whether to do anything in church - perhaps I'll know nearer the time ... if we do, it won't be anything very organised.

Secondly, Saturday 11th June 2016 - we are not quite sure if we will go punting to celebrate Grace's birthday (as we always do) on that date or, maybe, if people are keen, we might have another picnic in our garden .. (and pray it doesn't rain!). Suggestions are welcome from anyone who might like to come.

Robert and Becks, Felix, Dorothy and brand new Jesse, and William and Julia plan to be with us on both dates. Jasper is away on his travels in Kurdistan.

February 2016 - Tom Wom's London Marathon for Whizz Kidz in memory of Grace

"This April I will be taking part in the London Marathon in memory of our dear friend Grace. The charity I have chosen to run for is Whizz-Kidz, a charity aimed at improving the quality of life of disabled children by providing support, equipment and life skills.

Although almost sevens years have passed, many of us think regularly of Grace and I know it gives great comfort to the Hadman family to think of the amazing charitable work that people have done in memory of such a special person. I am delighted that, with your help, I maybe able to contribute in a small way.

I realise many of you will be inundated with Marathon requests at this time of year all for amazing causes, however, donations of any size are hugely appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

Best Wishes


PS: For those asking my target time is 3.35mins (Jumbo Wom's PB back in the 80s!)"

Remembering Grace, Saturday 11th April 2015

To all of Grace's friends  (from Carol)

It is hard to believe that it is less than a month until 7th April and nearly six years without Grace. The snowdrops are looking beautiful all around her in the church yard and soon the daffodils will be out. I'm wondering what to do this year ... in particular .... of course we all remember her on the 7th and at other times all through the year;  but I am wondering if anyone would like to come to the Golden Ball again for the usual pub snack so you can all see each other here, near Grace. 

The church is always open ... I would be happy to hear if anyone feels they would like another short service this year ... or perhaps we might just leave it that we will be in church at, say, 12.30 on Saturday, 11th April (maybe we'll bring a couple of readings) and it would be open to anyone just to come in and sit or to read something of their choice, if they want to ... or simply to visit the churchyard .... and then go to the pub ... we truly understand that perhaps no one can come this year!  Bill and I, Robert and Jasper will be there for Grace (William can't) .... but we understand that work and location makes it difficult for everyone .  If it happens that you know you might come and can let me know, that would be great (and would help the pub!) FB, email
or text 07771 712434.

Much love Carol xxx

Jane Green's Midsummer Celebration in the Yorkshire Dales, June 2014

Thanks to Jane's thoughtfulness and huge generosity in suggesting her guests kindly contribute  to Grace's Netball Court, we are delighted to have reached £570 which will be used for the project. 

We, and Building Malawi, thank everyone very much indeed for their contributions which will make a massive difference.

Anyone who wishes to contribute (every penny is used to continue to build the courts, the seating, employing a coach etc) can do so at

For a view of the project, please click here.

Remembering Grace: A Celebration, 12th April 2014

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our anniversary service for Grace. Five years is a long time although, in many ways, it seems that Grace has hardly been away.  Each special contribution to the service was uniquely for Grace, full of memories and love.  Thank you for all the thought, time, effort and emotion involved which made us feel uplifted and very proud of Grace. Thank you, too, to everyone (about 70) who came - we so much appreciate your time and effort in coming. And the glorious flowers for Grace ..... THANK YOU. 

There are photos on the Gallery page. 

Big thanks, too, to Ian who managed to collect the correct Orders of Service, red hot off the press, with two minutes to spare before the service started.  This made all the difference.  He also took a video of the whole service which can be seen below. He is kindly sorting out how to put it onto a CD as some of us might like to listen occasionally, without watching.

The printed Order of Service, and Kimberly's 'Grace in India', are on the Memories page where all the others are.

It was lovely that everyone got together at the pub afterwards; I do hope there was enough to eat.  I completely lost track.   

I also completely forgot that I had brought the beetle badges and lots of Grace's Alice in Wonderland post cards for people to take (and make a donation if they wanted); I have masses available should anyone want some. I can send them. 

My lasting memory of our service is feeling the church so full of warmth and love for Grace - and the beautiful flowers which are still looking lovely nearly a month later ....



7th April 2013

Thank you to all of Grace's friends, and our friends and neighbours, for coming to the service we held for her on Sunday, 7th April, the fourth anniversary of her accident.  It is very hard to put into words the comfort our family feels from the support given, not only from those who came, but also, from those who were in contact one way or another.  It is truly heart warming and helps us very much. 

We chose the readings carefully and feel they do reflect Grace. Martin, our vicar, held the service and everything he said was thoughtful, helpful and full of hope. A copy of the service is on the Memories page and photos of the day are on the Gallery page.

We played a song called 'Jealous of the Angels' which can be heard by clicking on the image below.  During the service, the song had a few hiccups (Grace's machine is now a bit old and, anyway, perhaps she wanted us not to be too sad while we listened!). It is a beautiful song and well worth a listen with Grace in mind.

After gathering around Grace in the churchyard for a few minutes, we all had a lovely happy time at the Golden Ball. We really appreciated that everyone could stay a while.

Jenn Bostic "Jealous Of The Angels" (Official Video)


22nd - 24th March 2013

in Malawi

Grace's brother Jasper (Jap) is running 79 miles along the very hilly Dorset Coast to raise money to build Grace's netball court in Malawi.

Please visit: to donate!

The last time I took part in a long-distance run was in 2002, at the summit of my athletic prime. The occasion was the Marlborough College inter-house steeplechase. I came a respectable 16th. The time has come to relive past glory, and to do so for the noblest of causes … for netball!

My sister Grace adored netball – she played Goal Attack in her school 1st VII. She was always a determined sportswoman; not long before she died in a car accident in 2009, her school created a special prize – the Most Improved Sportsperson Award – to reward her efforts. She was so proud of this achievement that she wouldn’t even rise to teasing about how bad she must have been to start with. Now she is to receive another truly remarkable honour – it’s the reason I’m doing this 79-mile ultramarathon along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

My friend, Tom Bowden, co-founder of the charity ‘Building Malawi’, has pledged to build ‘Grace’s Netball Court’ in Lilongwe, Malawi. This will enable young underprivileged Malawian girls to have their very own netball court and enjoy everything that Grace so loved about being part of a team. Building Malawi has all the experience and expertise to make sure this project is sustainable and will last long into the future for the benefit of everyone involved. Grace’s Netball Court will be decorated with her artwork and will also be used for drama productions, a massive annual rock festival and as a place for girls to meet socially.

Grace was familiar with Building Malawi – she once raised money for it by doing a 24-hr fast (a huge challenge for someone with an appetite like hers) – and she really believed in the work they do. She would be amazed and overjoyed to know there is to be a netball court in Lilongwe named after her. Please check out the website ( and PLEASE donate! Any amount at all will be gratefully received!

Three friends are also taking part: Ross Bruce, Mike Dunn and Ben ‘Stothard’ Watson. Mike and Stoth were with me motorbiking in Morocco when Grace died, and we’d seen Ross shortly before in Spain. This will be a huge challenge for all of us and it’s great to be doing it together!

Please contact me if you have any specific questions about the charity or the run.

Many thanks, Jap


7th April 2012

The 3rd anniversary of Grace's accident fell on Easter Saturday.  We wanted to do something special for her on that day and, as it was not possible to have communion, we decided to celebrate her life with poems, readings and prayers in our village church.  We chose some of the poems Grace had learnt as well as other apt, lovely readings.  We were overwhelmed when so many (about 25) joined us - not only was it Easter Saturday but also the Boat Race!  We never expected anyone to come all the way to Lower Swell and it lifted our spirits enormously.

We planned the service (now installed on the Memories page together with Grace's other services) carefully, thinking about what Grace might like;  we wanted the very last reading to be the one created for her by her friends 'it is you that took our breath away Grace'.  Bill opened the readings with The Pizza (with a small explanation that it was the first poem Grace ever learnt when she was about six). Then Jap read 'Oh to be in England', and William the Sonnet, (both learnt by Grace); then the Vicar gave an eloquent talk about the meaning of Easter Saturday apropos Grace; next Francis read 'the loveliest of trees (Grace and cherries); then I read 'Turn again to Life' (which I absolutely love for Grace);  Emma read High Flight...and then the prayers should have been...but the girls continued with their 'With Love from Grace's Friends' (on the  front of the service sheet). 

It all went very well.  Everyone then went to be with Grace in the churchyard...massive amounts of kind.  Then we all went off to the pub and had a happy time, knowing Grace's influence was there.  Robert, Becks, Felix and Dorothy couldn't come (work) but we remembered them and Jap proposed a toast to Grace.  All in all it was good.  We had some delicious toasted baguettes (and even saw a little of the Boat Race fiasco on tv); everyone wrote in the book for Grace; it was wonderful to see so many of her friends and, at the end of the day, we felt uplifted.


Teddies Chapel


A permanent brass plaque in memory of Grace has been installed in the Side Chapel. Our deepest gratitude and thanks go to St. Edward’s for this lasting memorial to Grace.



Grace’s niece, Dorothy Grace Gowland Hadman was born on 21st September 2011, to Robert and Becks.

Grace's Mad Hatters Tea Party, 18th September 2011 - CLICK HERE




7th April 2011

We held a communion service in memory or Grace at St Mary's, Lower Swell.  About 20 people came to remember Grace including ten of her friends from Teddies.  It was a lovely service full of opportunities to remember Grace.  Many bunches of beautiful and sweet scented flowers were placed on Grace's grave just for her. Afterwards we all went to the village pub and we felt the day turned into a positive and happy time. Meanwhile Teddies chapel also had some visitors as can be seen by the packet of dolly mixtures left there for Grace!


Rhuari Binning is one of Grace's very best friends.  He completed the Mazda London Triathlon in August, for Grace, to raise money for one of her chosen charities. 

Ruari has written his story, part of which is as follows:


"I am doing this for Grace. This particular Charity, The African Childrens Fund is most relevant to Grace, as it has close contact with my school. Grace herself had raised money for the orphans previously, in a 24 hour fast that she took part in at school, which I will be doing myself in late March. This charity  is one of two charities which Graces parents decided to dedicate donations towards in memory of Grace and therefore has the most sentimental support from me. Mr Chitsenga, a teacher within my school, who was also very fond of Grace, is an active member of this charity (the Mwana Trust in Zimbabwe) and I have already seen from him evidence of the positive effect that the sponsorship has provided. The main objectives of the African Children’s Fund range from providing children with basic healthcare, to re-uniting them with their families and to meeting basic human needs such as shelter, safety, food and health care. Please support these children in need and provide them with what we take for granted everyday."


Rhuari’s impressive results 

Money raised (123%) for the Mwana Trust (the African Children’s Fund) to help feed the orphans in Zimbabwe that Grace was supporting shortly before her accident: TOTAL  £1,228.00

Donations listed on

Rhuari is very grateful to all who supported him so generously.

Triathlon achievements

Swimming one mile (being hit on the head, kicked in the face during the free for all in the Thames) 

Biking 40k (with a picture of Grace strapped to the front bar to give him encouragement)

Running 10k (with exhausted legs)

Total time 3hrs 4mins (his goal was 2hrs 55mins)

Grace would be very proud and happy and we all thank Rhuari for such a huge effort and achievement and for choosing to make a difference to the orphans in Zimbabwe.

7th April 2010

Grace’s anniversary service was held in the Chapel at St Edward’s on 7th April. Although it was a week day, and most of Grace’s friends are on gap years, still many people came. All the readings were most carefully chosen so each member of Grace’s family could express a little of how they were feeling about Grace. Lara read the lovely words written by Grace’s friends. Rosalie played the harp beautifully and it was especially poignant when she played the piece Grace had been learning at the time of the accident. Everyone seemed moved when the last hymn, ‘Amazing Grace‘, was sung.

It was wonderful that so many people stayed for coffee and tea afterwards and we were grateful that people signed Grace’s books as it is not always possible to talk to everyone on such occasions. Later some, including Felix, moved to the Summertown Wine Café and we felt that Grace would be happy about the whole day.

Grace’s bench, with her name carved on the front and a small plaque at the back, arrived for the 7th. Beside it, her cherry tree has just started to blossom and, beneath the tree, a mass of pretty bulbs are flowering, lovingly planted by so many on that cold November day. It is a happy place to sit and think or chat.

To see the service and readings, please click here ...

25th - 28th March 2010 - JR4JR

Joe Robinson and Grace were passengers in the car in which Grace so tragically died. Athough he was very severely injured, Joe has just completed a charity cycle ride from Paris to the John Radcliffe Hospital, the hospital in which he was so expertly cared for after the accident. The ride was in aid of the Neuro ICU unit. To read more about Joe's trip and details of how to sponsor him please click here.

28th March 2010

The cyclists arrived on time in Teddies Quad where many more cyclists (friends, relations, supporters), wearing yellow T shirts, in Grace’s memory, were waiting to welcome them. They had a huge welcome as they cycled into the Quad. Plenty of press also greeted them. The Warden welcomed Joe, Harry and Mallam and Joe laid some flowers on Grace’s bench. The chaplain said prayers of thanks for the safe arrival of the cyclists and then we had a two minute silence at noon for Grace after which all the many cyclists (lots of yellow t shirts) all cycled round the quad twice and then biked from Teddies up (big hill!) to the JR. Joe had said that this part of the cycle ride was in memory of Grace. Joe then presented the cheque for £32,395.17 to the JR Hospital. A mammoth achievement


Grace’s nephew, Felix Martin Gowland Hadman, was born on Friday, 26th March 2010 to Robert and Becks. He weighed 8lbs.3oz.