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Momma (6th April 2022)
This is the worst day Grace, the day we were so happy, shopping in Chipping Norton (dentist perhaps not so good) not having any clue what was about to happen. I remember that time so so well...the way we walked up the street...the bathroom cupboard you persuaded me to buy (I felt was so extravagant)...the way you tried on that old fashioned dress which I was sure you would want but you declined it...the green many mixed feelings and so much to miss. loads of love to you our precious girl. You still seem so near sometimes. xxxxxx

21st March 2022
Darling Grace, I am missing you so so much. Nothing really changes. Just in case you thought I was neglecting you. It's just so busy now, with Poppa not well, I am ultra ultra busy. Missing you therefore all the more. You would be such great company, I have missed all the treats we would have shared, all the lunches, dinners, presents, good things, loads of fun and laughter, all the things you always loved. I miss so much that you can't meet Felix, Dot, Jesse, Otto and Mathilda. You would so love them and be the best aunt ever. And you would love Julia and Marga. Jasper getting married is tremendous, he's chosen his first wedding at Lower Swell church, so you are nearby and the one in Spain they chose to be on your birthday. Missing you is just awful. I still think I might wake up and find it is all a terrible nightmare. I love you so much Grace. So much love to you. Momma xxxx

Momma (25th December 2021)
Beautiful Grace…Merry Christmas to you. I just so want you to be here. You would just love Felix, Dor, Jesse and Otto. And they would so love you. Plus you’d love William and Julia’s smart house. We sang lots and lots of carols outside near William’s house last night and again this morning at church. You would love it. And you’d simply adore all Julia’s fab food. Otto is just like you about food. Loves everything! I’ll have to post this tomorrow but really want to write on Christmas Day. I wore the beautiful pearl bracelet you gave me so thoughtfully and generously for Christmas 2008. I remember all the lovely presents you gave me that year: the gorgeous Cath Kidston box file (I keep special things in that) and the Elvis CD. You always love giving. I love you so much Grace xxxxxxx❤️🎄

Momma (7th December 2021)
Grace, I have tried a couple of times to write to you, I did write a message but it disappeared...I can't remember exactly what I wrote now but mostly about missing you. With Christmas coming it is really hard as always. Love you so so much. Just want you here. I've got you a new hat with the plaits just like you always was looking a bit tatty! Hope to make a wreath for you and we have Robert's little Christmas tree again. We think of you so much, all the time. Love you and will write soon. xxxxxxxxxxx

Momma (7th October 2021)
Yesterday was Poppa's birthday...we had a good day, going to James Bond and having a meal afterwards. Jap came and he drove us. We stopped on the way first of all to take you a bunch of flowers - really pretty pink and white bunch, when I saw them I immediately thought of you. Missing you doesn't get much easier. There are so many times in the day, every day, when I think of you. I try to envisage isn't always easy now to remember your voice. I really hate that. I want to hear your laugh. I saw Lydia the other day and she has sent me the film that Laurie made with you and Lydia in it. It seems to be amazing but I haven't quite plucked up the courage to watch it yet as it might make me very sad to see you there but not here. Love you tons, BGITW...Mommaxxx

Momma (14th August 2021)
Honestly, Grace, the time rushes by. I bought some sunflowers for you and must take them up to you. I love you so much - Momma xxxxxxx

Anon (3rd June 2021)
Such a beautiful day. Grace so much missed but ever in our hearts and minds. All our love. S XXX

momma (3rd June 2021)
Darling Birthday Grace - goodness, THIRTY today....just can't believe it - always one of the hardest days knowing you should be here celebrating non-stop as you would be doing. There are so many people all over the world thinking of you today. Love you so so SO much and remembering our happy times. We will be going punting on Saturday to celebrate you as usual....I only hope I can find some cherries! Tons and tons and tons of love to you my BGITW.....Momma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (30 kisses for you today)

momma (29th May 2021)
Darling Grace....missed you all were missed by all of us on my birthday. love you forever.. xxxxxxxxx big hug

momma (29th May 2021)
Darling Grace....missed you all were missed by all of us on my birthday. love you forever.. xxxxxxxxx big hug

Zigi (8th April 2021)
Dear,dear Grace - old, nearly very old, Aunt Zigi is thinking of you and remembering all sorts of fun and quirky times - and all the wonderful things Momma and Poppa have done in your memory - you must be so proud of them - especially Momma playing netball! She was amazing - so many lovely times, which I'm sure you are watching - Tif is here and sending her love to you, you'll be in our hearts for ever and ever Zxxxxxx

Sophie (7th April 2021)
Grace, I am thinking of you and your family today. You are so incredibly loved, you loved wholeheartedly and you are terribly, terribly missed. I can still hear your laugh and see your beautiful smile. Today particularly, I treasure every minute I got to spend with you. Precious soul, I promise you live on in our hearts xxxxxxxxxxx

momma (7th April 2021)
Oh Grace......twelve years and you would be 29 in June. We have missed so much by missing you. It's a truly wonderful thing that you still live on in the hearts of so many people throughout the world though. We are so very proud of you. You have made a difference to the world. You have been a positive influence on people. There is a mass of love in the world for you. It never fades. People are better for knowing you. If you were here you would be helping people, loving people, making everyone happy, laughing and giggling, being a spectacular aunt, playing with the kids, even playing with your old brothers! Oh gosh, we had such good days and you come to my mind all the time. Grace I love you so so so much and somehow that seems really alive and keeps you close and fully in my mind. Thank you for everything. I see from all your cards, letters, labels, how loving you were, are, and always will be. Beautiful, precious Grace....... xxxxxx

Friend (7th April 2021)
Thinking of you Grace, truly so beautiful inside and out. Thankful for the times and fun we had together. Xxx

Momma (6th April 2021)
Today is a day I think of you so much....the last proper day with you....the dentist, Dorothy Perkins, charity shops, the antique shop...Chipping Norton....all 12 years ago. I miss you endlessly, it will never change. You are still my star and will be forever. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

momma (26th March 2021)
My goodness, the time has gone so fast...I never stop thinking of you Grace. Never. But I write less now I know. I like to write to feel closer to you - one day I will try to sort all your things out. I will be heartbroken when I do. I have put it off forever. It is too hard. You loved all your things so much. Your clothes, ornaments, jewellery, art, all the cards you were sent (even the envelopes you refused to throw away) valued your friends very highly and I am so glad for that. And the family, how you loved us all. All the time, in my general sorting, I find messages, cards, Christmas label, lovingly written and drawn. I still find it so hard to try to understand that you are gone away. Yet you are here. Loads of love to my BGITW. xxxxxx

Momma (1st January 2021)
Thinking of you so much this new year Grace and remembering how you would be on the phone to us on the stroke of midnight if you could be! Love you so......Momma and Poppa

Momma (24th December 2020)
Our very special Christmassy Grace...thinking of you constantly and remembering how excited you always were and would be now....I am certain you would never have changed. You made Christmas a very special time for all of us. Thank you darling girl. Well, as usual I am not ready and will be up late. Love you so much. xxxxxx Merry Christmas xxxxxx

momma (17th November 2020)
Darling Grace....I am sorting, still sorting, our endless belongings and papers and so often I find things that bring you directly to my mind. It feels excruciating to miss you so much. Now I know it can't ever get better but we learn to live with it. It still seems impossible to me that you have gone and are missing so much - all the things you would so love to be doing. And the world has lost such a valuable warm caring person who would only have contributed massively and made the same world better. I am so proud of you and love you so much Grace. xxxxxxxx

Momma (15th October 2020)
Oh, goodness, Grace.......I have just been re-reading what the boys wrote about you for the funeral. It is just about impossible to read, it brings to mind so much about you. How I love bestest daughter ever. Thank you for being the way you are to me and so many others xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friend (2nd October 2020)
Thinking of you lovely Grace. Feeling very grateful we met at school and had all the fun we did. How tough for children now with covid having to socially distance at school - how would we have done the pillow fights?! Always remember your beautiful smile xxx

Momma (27th September 2020)
Grace...I had a good day yesterday because first I saw the really lovely message from Steph - it is so heart warming to know your friends still remember you and care for and think about you. Then last night I was so surprised to get a phone call from Alby (from New York) because he was thinking of you and talking about you to his girlfriend and decided he would just pick up his phone and tell me. Both of these from your amazing friends have been such an uplift for me. Sometimes I find it so hard to believe that you have gone at all and it is surprising to me that your friends can feel the same - with Alby, we talked about how we thought you'd be having a gin and tonic with his father Christopher (who you knew and Alby misses so much)! We need to believe you are with so many other dear people. loads of love for now (I'm getting on with the clutter sorting..always coming across lovely notes from you, cards, much to show me again and again what a special person you are.) xxxxxx

Steph (27th September 2020)
I remember Grace as this beautiful, kind, lovely girl with a smile that would brighten up the room, I still can't believe you're gone Grace I remember when I heard the news from a friend I burst into tears, for this wonderful life that was suddenly cut so short, you were taken far too soon. Seeing friends from our year group getting engaged and married makes me think of you and it makes me so sad that you're not amongst them, it still doesn't feel real that 11 years have passed since you left, I feel like we would be celebrating an engagement or a wedding, we miss you very much xx

21sr September 2020
I can't believe it has been so long since I wrote to you Grace. Time has flown during this Covid 19 way of life. I wonder what you would be thinking of it. You would hate it, hard to see all your friends and that was your most favourite thing. I am just feeling closer to you by writing but not really saying anything as I need to get to bed. Have been SO busy today. loads and loads and loads of love (Dorothy's birthday and also Gran's today) Momma xxxxxx

momma (23rd July 2020)
Darling Grace....I am just trying to get on with sorting the clutter (again.....never life is dwindling away with all this stuff all around me!) and I find myself STILL not believing you are not here...that you are gone...I feel you near and I wish so much I could just see you. I love you now and forever and feel sure I will see you again somehow or other. You are just too strong - you will never be gone.....everyone still remembers you and so many still think of you. I know that. It was wonderful to find Chloe's sunflowers that she left for you (a really lovely surprise) at the church. All your friends are gradually getting married and soon babies will be arriving and it feels all the more acute to know how much you are missing. I still think of that wonderful man, somewhere, neither he nor I know who he is, who would have married you....because, for sure, you would have been married and had a family. It is so cruel to know all this has been taken away from you. I hope you are somewhere far far better and that you are serenely happy. I love you so so much Grace. It actually hurts. xxxxxx

Ruth (29th June 2020)
Dear Grace's Mum, You are remembered in my prayers on a regular basis. xx

momma (3rd June 2020)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Best Birthday Girl.....I've been looking at the photos of your third birthday and our arrival in India on the same day....I bought you the green spotted dress in the shop at the Leela and I think we then flew to Bangalore on your birthday. How everyone loved was a gloriously happy time. You were such a character, always making friends with anyone who had some food around and definitely wanting to sample it, they of course couldn't resist offering it to you! You always made us so happy, full of joy, so grateful to have you. Thank you for everything darling Grace. xxxxxxx

Momma (29th May 2020)
Darlingest Grace...if only you were here today (and every day), you would have made my birthday so perfect. Of all the people I have ever known, you are the one who loved birthdays and Christmas the most gigantically! Yours is soon and it is a special day for all of us. Love you forever. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMommaxxxxxxxxxxx

Anon (29th May 2020)
As ever, always in our hearts and thoughts. With much love, S

momma (16h April 2020)
Just saying I am missing you so much.... just wanted to tell you. And that I feel so lucky that you are part of our family and always will be. BGITW (of course!) - xxxxxxxxxx

Stephen (13th April 2020)
Always in our hearts and thoughts. A most special young woman, sorely missed. Much love, S

Zigi (6th April 2020)
Hi Grace, Ive just listened to your song and I love it - reminded me so much of you - and I managed to get to the Netball Extravaganza last year . My! that was so much fun - I couldnt play as my knee was wonky, but momma excelled and and so many good friends were there - It was one of the most fun days of my life - I hope you were watching from above and cheering momma on xx We're all going to be celebrating you tomorrow, all over the world - it's a lovely feeling knowing that we are all thinking of you, makes you seem ever so close to us - we all love you so much - Hugs and so much love (cool auntie) Zigi xxx

momma (5th April 2020)
Our most beautiful Grace....I just can't explain how I feel. This year is more acute than ever...the missing you. I think it is partly because all the days of the week are the same as they were in 2009 (haven't quite worked out why!!) and so the build up is right in my mind. How on the Sunday I was trying to fix up your ISA and you needed to talk on the phone with someone who was opening it for of the questions was whether you were married. You fell about laughing! You had given up chocolate for Lent and I had bought an organic, very special and delicious looking, Easter egg just waiting for you. You also asked me to buy lots of different ingredients for the suppers you were going to cook (treat for me!) in the coming week, plus you had some special chocolate truffles you were wild about and said you would make. And there was your special type of diet, you made a fab salad and now I can't remember exactly what it was though you said I should make it... Then we had the dentist coming up on the Monday (6th)....and so it goes on.....and now I remember it all as though it was yesterday. Buying the green shoes for you in Dorothy Perkins on that Monday...and the top you wanted but when you got home you discovered you had bought a size 22 by mistake and it really made you was HUGE....I still have it. Oh, how much I feel we have missed having fun together, I know how much we would have loved having lunches together and just chatting and complaining about all the rest of the family (being outnumbered by males!)....I miss you endlessly Grace. I really do. And I love you, I am glad your memory is so fresh in my mind....but it hurts very much. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

anon (30th March 2020)
Grace, we swam together for many years. You - quickly - and me, less so, but you were always light, in abundance. I think of you often, though there's no pattern... I spent time in India and thought of you there. I spent time in Oxford and thought of you there. A quiet at times yet indelible mark you left on so many. Know that you are thought of, remembered, and cherished, so many years later.

Momma (30th March 2020)
Grace, it is so wonderful to get messages like this one know you are remembered and missed and enough to spur people to write about it. It is so helpful, it is hard to explain. It makes me so hugely proud of you, to know a daughter so young could affect so many people all around is what any mother and father would want to understand. Thank you so much, I love you....Momma xxx

Momma (28th March 2020)
Grace, oh goodness, hard to believe I haven't written for SO long, and so much has changed in the world in that time. I wonder what you would make of it. I have never stopped thinking of you, loving you, same as usual. I didn't have a laptop for so long because all my documents and photos got stolen/deleted in some horrible way and Ian took a bit of time trying to help me and, in the end, now I have a smart new laptop which I am just beginning to use. It is the make of yours...Acer. Your laptop is still here. Oh dear, just like all your things. I haven't got around to sorting everything but now that we have to self isolate, meaning we can't mix with anyone at all (being so old and therefore vulnerable!), I am hoping to have tons of time. I will certainly NEVER get bored, we are the luckiest of the lucky to have a lovely house and garden in which we are warm and happy. Loads if endless work in the garden to do, loads of sorting (I have got a skip!!), oh how I wish you were here to spur me on. Grace nothing changes, Nothing. I still fee you haven't really gone, you will be coming home. I love it so much when we get a message like the one below from friends of yours showing that you were kind, always kind, to people. What a joy it is to know you are Our Grace but to have been able to share you with so many many others. Love you tons. Soon it will be 7th April and we will organise the raising of the glasses to you around the world. tons and tons of love, we have this horrible Coronavirus in the whole world (today the deaths have increased to over 1000)...I think people might be kinder to each other after it all....the way you naturally were. xxxxxxxxxxxxx Momma

Maddie (9th January 2020)
Hi Grace and Graces Momma, I met up with an old school friend just after Christmas and we were remembering Grace. We both remembered her big blue tapestry she used to hang on the wall and how she showed us how to make a perfect ponytail with no bumps by hanging her head over the side of the bed. We just wanted to say hello and that we are still thinking of Grace and how lovely she was to both of us when we were new at school. Xxx

momma (10th January 2020)
Grace, I can't explain how wonderfully heart warming it is to get messages from your friends like the one written by Maddie yesterday (just above this). It makes me know for sure you are not forgotten, people love and miss you, but of course I know that anyway. It is just so lovely that friends take the time to write and tell us. I am still so very proud of you and I always will be. I am the luckiest person to have you as our daughter.

momma (2nd January 2020)
So it's now another new year Grace. I really missed you when you would be ringing us at midnight at the beginning of the new year. We had a lovely time at Christmas and for New Year but it is never ok without you. Love you so. Miss you forever. Momma xxxxxx

Momma (8th December 2019)
My darlingest Grace.......December again. And thinking of you all the time. Yesterday we had the family party and that's a time we miss you so much. And Richard this year. Wouldn't it be the BEST happy thing to think that you and he would be together and enjoying our reunion too. I keep on (still, so it won't ever change) thinking of things I want to buy you, that you would love, for Christmas. That day that so starkly cut of all my ability to make you happy and share things with you is etched into my whole being and I feel so sad not to be able to do anything for you any more. By now we would be really enjoying sharing meals and just life in general. It's a theft that is difficult to come to terms with. Miss you so much Grace. Especially of course at midnight at New Year. You always managed to phone us on the dot or a few seconds after. How thrilling it was to know you still had the thought and time to do that when you were definitely having so much fun with your friends and could so easily have forgotten or just not managed it. You always did. That's you. A truly generous soul, always thinking of others. xxxxxxxxxxx

Momma (9th November 2019)
Darling Grace. I have thought of you so so so much. Of course I always do but we have had a special time in the last week because Harry had been in touch to say he had written a couple of songs for you and one of them he wanted to call Song for Grace and asked me if that would be ok. Of course it was brilliant for us. Then he said we must come along and hear him singing it when there was an opportunity. That chance came last Sunday (3rd). It was so vastly out of our comfort zone to go up to London on the Oxford Tube bus from the Park and Ride and then find our way to the Notting Hill Arts Club (so luckily the bus stopped almost outside!). Harry had arranged for his dad (also his manager) to look after us so we wouldn't feel too spare. So kind, so brilliant. Thus we went although I so nearly chickened out. I was really nervous! That's when I miss you so especially much. You would reassure that it would all be fine! Anyway, when we got there John, his dad, was outside the Club and somehow recognised that it was us (I suppose we were the only oldies not too hard!!) and immediately we felt looked after, Harry was there too. He's so so lovely. He has told me he felt you were with him, looking over his shoulder while he was writing the songs. He feels you have come back but in a different form. He had such a terrible accident in the past that he is deep thinking and spiritual now. I am going to try to get my rather pathetic recording of Song for Grace onto your website (hope Ian can fix it) and also put it onto Facebook so all your and my friends can see it. Harry and John say that is fine and they are really happy we love the song so much. It is just that the whole idea of Harry writing a song for you is beautiful. The song itself is quite complicated to understand......I'm not sure I do but I get the whole feeling about it. We all miss you so terribly Grace. We all love you - Harry writes songs for the people he loves. Well, now to try to put it on................xxxxxxx

Anon (9th October 2019)
Thinking of Grace today. Grateful for this space to express just that. Xx

A friend (2nd October 2019)
Dear Grace's Mum, Be assured Grace is not forgotten and nor are you. You are prayed for on a regular basis. With love xxxx

momma (4th October 2019)
Grace, it is truly heart warming to know you have made such a huge impact on so many many people. I am thrilled to receive a message to add to copy (above) reminding me of this.....generous lovely people who think of you (and me). love you so much. Momma xxxxxx

Momma (11th September 2019)
Oh Grace, I get all these horrible robot messages, for your message entry page, all the time. It makes me feel so horrible. I don't even know if anyone looks at your website any more now. I want to update it with Ian but am so hugely endlessly busy (another reason I don't write so often or bring you new flowers as often as I want to) trying to sort out our life here....nothing has improved in the way of muddle very much since that awful time, all the builders, the two accidents, so much difficulty and sadness was caused by all of that. I just cannot get it together about missing you, you would have got me organised and helped so much. I just miss you so enormously. All the time I come across little (and big) things which belong to you or just remind me of you. It is really hard to keep going and try to get through this stuff. What a mess it all is. You would have got it sorted with us! I will try to bear that in mind and ............GET ON! love you so much.... Momma xxx

momma (9th August 2019)
Darling can the time have gone so fast? I have never stopped thinking of you every day but somehow I didn't write...and now I just need to be in touch by writing. Nothing much to say....I am SO glad to have found your Most Improved Player netball certificate though...I so wanted to find it before the tournament but I just didn't see it even though it actually was in plain view in your room! Me being daft again. I love you so much. That's mostly all I need to say. We are trying to plan a big family reunion (to celebrate dearest Ann, how I wish you and she are having fun together now) and you should so definitely be here making it all the more fun. Need to rush off now. love you tons, Momma. xxxxxxx

Momma (16th June 2019)
WOW! WOW! WOW! Grace. What a day of fun we have had to celebrate and remember you at Teddies. Oh it just could not have been better - unless you had been there with us. It MUST have been you who organised the weather...only 5 drops of rain when the forecast was for solid rain from 10-3...the exact times we were to be there. Oh goodness, it was nerve racking. But no one seemed to be put off and loads of people came to play and to watch. Such an amazing tribute too you darling Grace. I am so proud of you (as usual). It was a day never to be forgotten. Teddies was exceptionally generous letting us use all the netball courts (on which you have played so often and I have watched you many many I am so glad I tried to never miss a match); and they provided all the food for the bbq (a lovely one). Fran worked so hard to make it all work, so did Emma in the office. My efforts in your little garden under the cherry tree paid off and it looked pretty. We had the cherry spitting there afterwards, right outside the Warden's house, he is always so generous and kind. We have loads of photos not least a video of Grace's Sisters winning on your court in Malawi on the SAME everything has worked out brilliantly. And masses of money raised for your court. Now the sign is up with your butterflies and dragonfly painted on. LOVE IT. If I stop to think, I can just feel dreadfully sad you are not here with us. Chloe is engaged, Lara is engaged...Lucy Wight is many getting married and will have babies and all that is taken from you. I love you so very much. Always my BGITW....xxxxxxxxxxxx

momma (3rd June 2019)
Such a special day in our lives every year Grace. Always. I've been thinking of you absolutely all day from the first moment I lit all the candles for you, arranged the flowers and took lots of photos...of the flowers, of your little place by the stairs, of your garden. I will post more soon. Need to get to bed as I want to go to the market very early and then to Oxford to plant more for your little garden at school, ready for the netball extravaganza! You would love that so I wish you were with us for it! I'm going to try to play after nearly 60 years (ha ha) and the boys have never played before but they will each have a team. Should be fun....and chaos! love you so much. Special birthday girl. Momma xxxxxxxxxxx

momma (2nd June 2019)
Darling Grace, can't believe I didn't write in May. I had the BEST birthday except for missing you massively - our first family holiday for 9 years, the last (Francis's kind thought) was just after you couldn't come. Oh how we missed you then and how much we missed you this time. We all said so. We want you to teach Felix butterfly stroke and breast stroke better. And Dot and Jesse - you would be such a fab coach. It's Elly's birthday today, yours tomorrow. I will cut all the grass (scissors again!) and I have bought lovely flowers for you. Couldn't decide whether to get lovely subtle creamy colours or bright ones you might prefer. Went for the creamy ones, lilies and stocks, smell so lovely. Will take a photo and put on Facebook so others can share your birthday. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. It never changes. Tons and tons of love Grace. Momma xxxxxxx

momma (15th April 2019)
Grace, just to say we had the most enormous amount of friends (yours and ours and friends of friends) and all our relations all raising a glass to you at 7pm in which ever country they were at the time, last Sunday, 7th April. Everyone was thinking about you and how it has been ten years now since we saw you. Unbelievable. We love you so much and you will never feel far away. We were waiting for our plane in Washington airport and I had kept a tiny bottle of wine from the flight out, and got some plastic cups from the hotel bedroom, and there we were on the dot of 7pm drinking a toast to our gorgeous Grace. Now we will look forward to 16th June when we will all be playing or watching netball to celebrate so loved it. ok, will stop now but always thinking of you. xxxx xxxx

Momma (7th April 2019)
Grace. tonight (6th April) we all toasted you at the HBS dinner and people stood up and it was wonderful to have the whole room filled with thoughts about you.Mine are overflowing. Love you so much and I am so proud of you. Tomorrow we will toast you at the airport xxxxxx More toasts

momma (6th April 2019)
miss you more and more; think of you always; love you forever. Will be raising our glasses to you at Washington Dulles Airport at 7pm on Sunday 7th. xxx

momma (5th March 2019)
Darling Grace, I am thinking of you even more than usual, all the time it feels like...and you wouldn't know it as it would seem I have forgotten you from the little I am writing. But my thoughts are very complicated. I miss you so dreadfully much. Loving you always. Momma

momma (31st January 2019)
It's so cold and frosty today. You would love it Grace. I have just been looking at the Art page on your website here and I just LOVE your art so much. I am hoping to get a bit more on so I can see more of it easily. Love you so much. I still feel you are here. If only I could see you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Momma (23rd January 2019)
I am so thrilled to see the art you did Grace, the fish and the dragon, the ones that I was devastated to find got broken in storage. I have had them professionally mended and compliments are flying, both the person who mended them (she is used to doing very valuable antiques etc) and the person who might fix them so we can hang them on the wall have said you are very talented. Yes, you really have so much great work for us to look at. I just WISH I could talk about it all with you. I love you so much. xxxxxxxx

Momma (New Year's Day 2019)
Just after midnight I tried to write to you straight away with my New Year wishes but the website wasn't working. Ian has come to the rescue (as usual) and now I can have you in my mind as I remember how you were always the first to phone Happy New Year just a few seconds after (or sometimes bang on) midnight....I never knew how you managed it when lines were so often jammed. It was just amazing to realise we were so much in your mind Grace. You must be the most affectionate and lovely daughter a parent could wish for. Thank you for all the years you spent being just YOU. Love you so so much, and that will never end. LOADS of love to you my darling girl. xxxxxx

Momma (Christmas day 2018)
Darling Grace. So, another Christmas. Just walked down to Midnight Mass in the village....I felt sure we were linking arms on the way down, you were on my right and I could really feel you there. I found such an amazing list you made for Christmas one year, just exactly EXACTLY how you would always want to do all those things on just feels like you are here. So hard wrapping the presents in my room and now I don't need to put that notice on the door (to keep you out) or call you to come and get another basketful to put under the tree. It honestly seems like no time at all............why oh why aren't you here with us? You will be close to me in my heart and mind and thoughts tomorrow as you are every day - but tomorrow is the special day you absolutely adored. We will all think of you and include you in everything as usual. Love you so. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Momma (4th December 2018)
Grace, I just can't believe we have had so many Christmases without you. Each one is heart rending but we know how happy you always were at Christmas and so we do our best to have a really great family time. The most wonderful thing happened just the other of your Dragon friends wrote me an email completely out of the blue just to say he so often thinks of you and your smile and that is from a while back now! In fact, this is a paragraph from his email "9 years on and 14 years after we went to school together Grace still pops into my mind and brightens my day with her smile". I just LOVE that and it is wonderful to hear how you are still strongly present with your friends. I love you so much and just want to hug you. BGITW.......xxxxxxxx

11th November 2018
We have been remembering so much today Grace. All the time, remembering all who have given up their whole lives so that we can live the way we do today....and of course I remember how you, too, have not been able to fulfil your dreams. I think of all those parents who lost their children, some really were so young. Young and full of life just like you. It's shattering. Love you so much. Always. I have been wearing my poppy scarf all day. xxxxxxx

momma (5th November 2018)
Grace, you loved fireworks (Guy Fawkes today). Probably not as much as Halloween so I have been thinking of the times we spent together at this time of the year. Right now I am going to the attic and to
find all your art and am going to look through it (I am always amazed at how absolutely wonderful it is to me....and to others....and how awful I feel for never really telling you how much we all love it). I want to find something special for the invitations we will send out for the celebration we are planning. And to update your website a little I hope. LOVE YOU, love you, love you...xxxxxxx

momma (19th October 2018)
Grace, it's been SO long since I wrote, but that's got nothing to do with how often and much I think of you. That never decreases. Right now I have to write - just opened the box with my Lady Doll in it, all her clothes, mostly made for her at Poonagalla. I loved her so much, you wanted to play with her and I said you must wait till you were seven. I just don't know what happened then...I suppose we were going backwards and forwards to Bangalore so much, then you were boarding at the Dragon...somehow you didn't really play with her and now I feel so terribly sad about it. Why else would I keep her except for you? I remember the Christmas I got her, at Poonagalla, I had spotted her in the big store (Cargills) in Bandarawela. I so desperately wanted her and somehow Father Christmas found out and I got her for Christmas that year when I was about seven. She is very special. So perfect for you. Meanwhile, we have been in New England and stayed with the Proutys and Annabel made a special trip from California to see us. She is elegant and beautiful and would still be a best friend of yours. We all miss you so much. I miss knowing what you would be doing and how you would be spending your time and who you would be with. I know you and Annabel would spend some time together despite the ocean in between. I love you forever Grace. Must go and tidy up your garden. xxxxxx

Momma (9the September 2018)
Darling Grace. It's the middle of the night and I can't sleep and I am thinking of you. How much I miss you. I had such a lovely lunch with Fran not long ago...about a week...and we are trying to plan the celebration we want to have in June next year - lots of fun at school (so wonderful that everyone wants to do this for remembering you). It made me think of all the lunches we would have had together. It's all so strange how life totally changed within a few hours. The whole direction of it. The whole meaning. Anyway, I should go back to bed. I have to be up so early. Trying to get ready for America and it's just not easy! loads and loads and loads of love to my BGITW as always. xxx

Melanie (12th August 2018)
Saw Graces mum tending the grave today. So sad to find and read this account. With love and Gods peace on you all.

momma (5th August 2018)
Time goes so fast. Next year it will be ten years without you. Seems utterly impossible. Seems so pointless even saying how much I wish for so many things. I love you steadfastly. And I think we will have a big celebration (hopefully including netball at Teddies, just what you would LOVE...I can just hear your laughter about it) in June next year. I'm relying on your lovely friends, they are always so caring and miss you massively despite all having busy exciting fulfilling lives. It's boiling hot, you would find it too hot perhaps but you would love getting brown! Love, love, LOVE you. xxx xxx

momma (22nd July 2018)
Grace, lovely Grace, it seems ages since I wrote...yesterday we were at Romilly's wedding. She looked like a fairy tale princess and was completely radiant and happy. Somehow she is the closest I have ever been to imagining you on your wedding day. She reminds me of you, just the way she is. Happy, loving....just a wonderful person. It was all very beautiful. It is so hard knowing all that you have missed. But you've never been short of love. Now we are planning something special for you in June next year - none of us will believe we will have lived ten years without you. love you so. xxxxxx

momma (17th June 2018)
xxxxxxxxxxxx precious girl xxxxxxxxxx

anon (13th June 2018)
! :)

Momma (4th June 2018)
Thinking of you all day knowing I have failed miserably to get up to the church and give you some birthday flowers. It's been hectic with me trying to get on so much while Poppa is away! Either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning I will go and cut all the grass for you and put some beautiful birthday flowers so it all looks pretty for you. And of course I have a card! Love you so much, nothing changes. xxxx

momma (3 June 2018 - birthday)
Darling Grace...just seeing that brilliant photo on the doorstep in Bangalore makes me have so many different feelings...pride, sorrow, happiness, wonder, heart-ache, joy....just on and on, all mixed up, and all because you are so amazing, so special, so beautiful, so missed, so wonderful and will be forever and ever. The memory of you in India will always be with me, I knew they were happy times but now they will always be treasured. I just wish, wish, WISH you were should be, oh it would be so amazing and perfect. Your birthday is very special. You are the ultimate Birthday Girl....xxxxxx

momma (21st May 2018)
Grace, it is coming up to the time of the year when we both have birthdays and how much we loved it, didn't we? I think of you all the time, I am so loving your garden but it is just so little to be able to give you now....I wish it could be perfect but it never is! I will be thinking of you, you will be with me, when I go to Chelsea Flower Show (BIG treat) tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

momma (16 May 2018)
missing you so much. I always think of you when I use the were insistent about these exact ones and how right you were. I need you here, if only, if only........missing you in so many ways. Darling girl. xxxxxxxxx

Momma (29th April 2018)
Grace, same as usual....always thinking of you. Always missing you. Always loving you. Wish you were here. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

CH (9th April 2018)
So many thoughts of you Grace - especially on Saturday. I was walking along by the canal and all the memories just overwhelmed me. I raised a cup of tea to you in the park later at 7, looking at a rose bed and thinking of the special roses your Momma has planted for you in your garden. You are as bold and strong and clear and lovely in all our minds as ever. We all miss you. XXXXX

Nick Benians (7th April 2018)
Dearest Grace and Family. Thinking of you all on this day. With much love, Nick, Clare, Oliver and Faye xxx

Momma (7th April 2018)
Darling Grace...I am SO proud of you. To think that there are many, many people all over the world thinking of you today, who will be raising a glass at 7pm to toast you. Your presence will be felt strongly I know. We all love you and miss you and no one can understand why it is that you are not here with us. I like to think about what you would be doing....maybe you would have specialised in criminality - I know how much you wanted to understand what made people commit certain crimes....or perhaps you would have decided to be an interior designer or even an architect. You absolutely loved and had a real flare for design. I know for sure you would have been good at whatever you chose and you would have been happy. And you would have thought of and helped others all the way. I love you forever. Missing you, Momma xxxxxx

Chloe (7th April 2018)
To dear Grace , thinking of you often but especially today. It is lovely to think of all of your friends and family raising a glass to you and sharing their favourite memories. I had a good scroll through all of my photos from those last few years at school and couldnt help but smile/laugh at them all! We had so much fun! I will always miss your beautiful face and friendship . So many truly happy memories , love you always Chloe xxx

momma (Easter Day 1st April 2018)
Whenever I see an Easter egg, I remember how you gave up chocolate for Lent 2009 and that I bought you a great big beautiful organic Easter egg for you to celebrate on Easter day, that Easter when you weren't here to eat it and it was the saddest and most impossible time. You would so have loved the egg and all the things in life that followed. But we are having a happy Easter, thinking of you too, Felix, Dorothy and Jesse are here doing an Easter egg hunt and Julia and William are cooking the lunch which is fabulous. Just need you here too though. I don't forget you however much is going on. You are with us. xxxxxxxxx

Momma (24th March 2018)
Just imagining you are with me. Love you so much. xxxxxxxxxxx (a kiss from all of us)

Anon (17th March 2018)
Message Grace, living always in the hearts of the many who love her. XX

momma (1st March 2018)
Grace, how can the time go so fast? I think of you many many times each day...without fail when I am about the have my bath, so I am in the bathroom at the end of the day, just on my own and able to collect my thoughts. Always, always to spring to my mind. Always. Without fail. And of course so many times during the day, depending upon what is going on. Lately we have had the most huge amount of talk about snow, there is lots falling right now...snow and you just go together. No way can it snow without me remembering how much you love it. And snowball fights with Jasper and pictures of you with your friends at Teddies int he snow. That's really all I want to say this time. You are still completely close to me, nothing changes. Poppa thinks of you massively and constantly too I know. We light your candle. Love you forever. Momma xxxxxx

Momma (1st January 20180
Happy New Year to my know what I mean. You were always the first to phone almost on the dot of midnight and I do miss your call so much. It's a new year, we will try to make it a good one. You will influence all of us so that we make the best of it. Loads and loads of love my precious girl. I have been remembering so many happy times when I look at the pictures Narayan sent. How I wish we could be back there with you swimming at Basanvangudi. I have shared them on Facebook and so many people love them too. I am always so proud of you. xxxxxxx

Momma (31st December 2017)
And now it is New Year's Eve. I know how much you loved celebrating this day. Another year has flown by. Narayan has sent 8 really lovely memories from your swimming days in Bangalore. I have posted the photos on Facebook as they are just exactly how you were and the times we had together there, with Narayan, were some of the very best in Bangalore. Even now it is hard to believe you were so good at swimming. Before you were seven you could do 50 metres butterfly in very fast time. I have always been very proud of you. and I love you to bits. xxxxxx

momma (25th December Christmas day)
Just love you so much and miss my beautiful Christmas girl. You are always in my heart so not far away. xxxxx

Momma (25th December 2017)
Lovely Grace, it's another Christmas. You would be wishing MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of us. We think of you so much. We went to see you after midnight mass - the lights are on the star for you, everything as usual for you the only way we can do Christmas for you now. Your room looks beautiful with all your cards from your friends, you never threw anything away, usually not even envelopes, it all looks so pretty with decorations you loved and kept etc. Narayan sent some photos of you today, ones I don't remember seeing before (but maybe I took them and have forgotten!). It made me so sad to remember how proud I was of you swimming in Bangalore - you were just amazing. LOVE YOU. xxxxxxx

Momma (10th December 2017)
Grace....SNOW! The snow is falling and it is very deeeeeeep! I just know how much you would be loving it. I so wish I could see you building a snowman or pelting Jasper with snowballs. You would never change about snow I am certain! We missed you so much yesterday at the family party. You would be at the age now when you would help with all the clearing up as well as being your usual brilliantly sociable self. I love you and miss you and I will never stop being proud of you. I must get on with Christmas now but my heart isn't truly in it since missing you. I love you. tons of Christmas love. xxxxxx

momma (1st December 2017)
Oh Grace, thinking of you so much. December would be your favourite month of all I think. June might be equal though! As we prepare for Christmas, how can I not remember my best Christmas girl...always so excited, always so generous, loving and giving. So much reminds me of you. All the time. Love you tons and tons and tons MBGITW. xxxxxx

Momma (13th November 2017)
It was a lovely day yesterday Grace and as usual I included you in my thoughts on Remembrance Sunday and we brought you a little cross with a poppy. I wanted to put bright red flowers for you too but I couldn't find any. Today I got some which I will bring to you tomorrow. When I think of all the mothers and fathers who lost their very young children (mostly sons) in the wars (and still there are wars), I feel very sad and just think it is so futile to throw precious lives away. It seems mankind will never learn. To me it all seems so tragic...if only we could all (the whole world) just live in peace. I always wonder when it might be that someone, surely born innocent, gradually becomes consumed by whatever it is that makes a war happen. I so wish I could talk to you Grace. You have always been wise. I love you so much. xxxxx

Momma (7th November 2017)
Love you Grace (always)....thinking of you so much. xxxxxx

Anon (25th October 2017)
A candle burns for you in SW France. And for Mumma too xxxxxx

Anon (24th October 2017)
Sweetheart Grace. I shall light a candle for you tomorrow. The world has been robbed of a beautiful soul. I shall pray for your mum. Always loved sweet Grace xxxxxxxx

Momma (24th October 2017)
Beautiful Grace, it is truly comforting to know how you have made a difference to the lives of your friends.....I love it that I am able to see for myself in messages such as these lovely ones. xxxxxx

Anon (23rd October 2017)
Sweet Grace i shall light a candle in church tomorrow for you and only you. The world has been robbed. I wish your mumma peace but please know that you are in my prayers. RIP sweetheatr girl. Xxxxxxxx

Laura (21st October 2017)
Grace, it breaks my heart to read your mother's messages. The only comfort is that you were so very loved - a cherished child as all children should be. I became a mother myself about 4 years after I knew you and that bond between mother and child is so strong there must be an invisible chord connecting the two. Your mother has so much strength, as you did. She must be a most terrific woman to have made such a brilliant person as you who brought so much cheer and laughter to everyone around you. You were one of those people who just lit up the room xXx

Momma (27th September 2017)
It's William's birthday today Grace....time marches on, I remember so well how you and he were together - driving to France springs to mind! I miss having my daughter around so much. We are doing lots of de-cluttering (or trying to, Jap helped massively and at least we have now started) and I have brought that fancy dress wooden box (that Palani made for us in India which we kept under your bed) into the house from storage so I can keep fancy dress things in it for Felix, Dorothy and Jesse. When I opened it, it smelled completely of India and suddenly I was transported back in our house in Bangalore and you were there with me. And Gowri, Chalapathi, Shankar, Gershon and of course Deepak (or Teabag as you called him!). It was all so vivid, and it still is. I just want to be there again with you. It was a brilliantly happy time. I just wish they could have seen you again Grace, they would have just loved you so much. And Narayan. He is on Facebook so he remembers you to me sometimes. He calls you an angel. You are. I love you, my precious girl...never to be forgotten xxxxxx

Jess (7th September 2017)
hey lovely Grace. miss you millions - it never seems to feel easier or less unfair. i wish so much that you had had the opportunity to grow into the amazing adult that you would have been, although none of us feel grown up really. :) you always had a magic about you that set you apart. so much love xxxxx

momma (5th September 2017)
Grace, I really want to write because today I could hardly get up the hill to Tesco for all the thoughts I was having of you and how we used to shop and you used to want the magazine and I would be horrid and often say 'no'! But I often bought it for you and you would enjoy being glued to it for a while. Oh, gosh, I miss all that so much. I just need you here. All the things we could talk about and you could argue about with Poppa! All the yummy things we could eat together. And we would always have a wonderful Christmas. I just don't understand why this happened or even how. One day I will find out more about it. Meanwhile I just miss you so much and feel you were here just a few days ago. tons of love as usual. xxxxxx

Anon (19th August 2017)
It's been a while since I have left a message but that does not mean you have not you have not been often in my thoughts. Forever young, beautiful, loving. Xx

momma (4th August 2017)
Time goes so fast. You wanted us to hurry up and get the house organised and it still isn' is overwhelming and I miss you so much. It is so good having Jap here again, we talk about you and he understands that I need to keep all your things. If only you were here, life would be so different. You are so present when I find all sorts of things you have made or written. It makes me realise how lucky we have been. love you tons. and tons. and tons. xxxxxxxx

momma (28th July 2017)
Grace, the time has flown...can't believe it's a month since I wrote especially as I want to write most days. I am doing the big sort out and have come across so many things to do with you. All of them precious. It is hard. It is unbelievable that I can't just have a giggle with you, the way we used to. I miss you SO much Grace. Always. love you. This skip is keeping me so busy. I have flowers I want to bring you but they are still in the kitchen. Hopefully tomorrow I will.xxxxxx

Momma (28th June 2017)
Just back from Henley Grace, I thought of you so often remembering the times you were there with us....Big Robert remembered how you visited everyone else's picnics so you could relish as much food as you possibly could...always hoping it was a lot more wicked than the stuff I provided! I love you so much, I think of you on the train to Kingham, remembering how many times you were on it and I would meet it - and the time you slept through Kingham and got to Moreton before you woke up! Such happy memories. Thank heavens for them but they bring a mixture of joy and sadness. Love you forever. xxxxxxx

Momma (3 June 2017)
Hello my Best Birthday Girl.......We have had such a wonderful day for you today....punting of course! The sun has been shining all day, not too hot (you don't like it too hot) and we had a huge, luxurious picnic in our usual place ... Robert, Becks, Felix, Dot and Jesse, William and Julia,Tiffanie, Ian and Jo, me and Poppa - rounders as usual while I got the picnic all ready, lots of bubbly and honestly you would have loved so much food! The cherry spitting competition was once again won by William who even surprised himself with the astounding distance he managed to spit his stone! Mine was even more feeble than usual...but it was all fun and we missed you so much, always talking about you and drinking to you. This will be a permanent tradition - Felix, Dot and Jesse are growing up with it. It is so clear in my head, the times you asked one or two friends along (and they still talk about those times to me), Jenny and David, Robert and Ros and Cicely....Zigi, Nick and Clare, so many and we will do it all again and have an even bigger party next time perhaps. All the time I just knew how much you would love it. Thank you for being such a part of our family....still, and forever. xxxxxxxxxMommaxxxxxx Oh, and the very first Grace rose bloomed today. I am just about to put a picture on Facebook before midnight. Love you tons.

momma (29th May 2017)
Grace, it is bang on my birthday - midnight- and I can only think of you and how much you would be thinking of me....I so miss your cards, your love, and just you. We would have such fun by now, lots of meals out and lots of your lovely cooking; I know it would be awesome...we had a tiny taste of it but it was all to come. I have felt gigantically for you during the past few days, remembering the hurt you suffered and there was nothing I could do. It just about broke my heart then and it still does. My lovely lovely girl. xxxxxx

Momma (27th May 2017)
Oh Grace, I have just picked lots of irises to arrange for you and they look lovely. And I have cut all the grass on your grave, it looks well cared for now. It seemed the best thing to do today while I am thinking so much of how you would be feeling. My heart could break for you but you have the most generous loving spirit and all would be well if you were here, for sure. xxxxxxxx big big hug

momma (26th May 2017)
Darling Grace... you will be in so many minds tonight and tomorrow....I am thinking of you constantly knowing how generous your heart is and how you always only wanted others to be happy. That sustains me. So many instances come to mind. Love you, love you, love you Grace. Missing you always. Momma xxxxxx

Susan (18th April 2017)
I often think of you and your family and especially at this time of year I will always remember the sparkling jewel that was Grace. Xxx

momma (17th May 2017)
Yesterday I went to Teddies and planted some really pretty pinks and pansies under your cherry tree Grace....I can't believe how many cherries are waiting to ripen and how healthy your tree looks. The one we have for you in the garden is about a year younger and, so far, I have never managed to save a single cherry from the birds! Being in the quad reminds me of the many times we were there together. That's where we met after you returned from your netball tour in South Africa; so many chapel visits and theatres with you ... oh dear, just many, many happy memories. But at least your little garden is looking pretty and your tree will feed lots of lucky Teddies pupils! You would like that...xxxxxx

momma (19th April 2017)
Thinking of you Grace. Loads of love. xxxxxx

Anon (7th April 2017)
Dearest Grace, always in our hearts and minds. Saw my first butterfly of the season today and immediately thought of you. Much love, S xx

Beautiful are still touching people. Missing you. Bountiful love to you from me xxxxxx

Ruth (7th April 2017)
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all x

momma (6th April 2017)
Grace, how can it be 8 years? This is the worst time for me as I remember all we were doing on these days and having no idea of the horror coming so soon. I remember so well our day in Chipping Norton. It would be today 8 years ago. The dentist for you, then looking for a present for Immy and me buying you those green shoes that suited you so well. It is all very vivid. I love you so much, nothing changes. It is wonderful to know so many people all around the world will be raising their glasses to you tomorrow - it is a reflection of how much you still mean to everyone you knew. I am so proud of you. xxxxxx Till tomorrow when we will feel all the vibes from all those toasts to you! xxxxx
(by the way, all the messages below from your friends - usually I don't really know who they are - are so very special to me and I love to read them)

CH (5th April 2017)
Grace, your Momma has sent us an email to tell us all about your birthday toast. And so I came on here to read your messages and they have made me cry, I have to admit. I don't want to write something sad on your lovely board, but I think mainly what has made me cry is how full of love the words are for you here. It's pouring out the screen, and it's overwhelming. It feels like the most potent, important place you could come and it's an amazing cry to seize the day and be kind and generous and your best self. That's what you inspire. Love always. C xxxx

momma (29th March 2017)
Well, Grace, I really wanted to write last night. I couldn't sleep and just kept thinking. We have just got back from New Orleans and I know how much you would adore it. I should love to have taken you there. SO much fun, so much music, colour, action!
I wore the necklace you made me. I love it so much. It goes with most of my clothes and is so pretty. I look at it, knowing that you threaded each bead, chose the design, carefully matched each side. It is really lovely. I am always so nervous I might lose it but you made the fastening well. I feel close to you when I wear it. Thank you. I love it. must get to bed, haven't even unpacked. Penny and Eric will be coming to see us on Friday, I must get everything looking better and I want to bring flowers to you as they will be visiting you. loads of love my lovely girl. xxxxxx Momma

momma (3rd March 2017)
Just been to see La La Land Grace. I don't know why but right from the start I just thought of you all the time. I found it so sad, reminding me of all you are missing and how much I want you to be here. You would have loved it and I wanted to be with you......I love you so much and right now it only feels impossible. You are the best. love you tons...Momma xxx

Momma (12th February 2017)
Missing you is Ga's birthday. So much has changed since she used to love looking after you.....who could ever have known or guessed. I still think it might be some awful long nightmare and that you might suddenly turn up, laughing and smiling again......xxxxxx

momma (30th January 2017)
Love you Grace. I have been over to USA and back....I was there for the inauguration - oh, how I wish you were here so we could talk, discuss and wonder at what will become of the seems to me to be a far more dangerous place within the last week and, in a way, perhaps I am glad you are spared. Anyway, I had such a wonderful time. Ann's birthday, she is so fab for 96....staying with Penny, seeing the girls, and Eric took me for a day of skiing. Last time I went skiing you were still with us. That sort of things drives me nearly demented when I think about it. Last night I had a vivid dream about you swimming were always so so brilliant and I was always bursting with just took it all in your stride and every race you raced to the best of your ability. I miss taking you so much. I miss watching you. When I see good swimmers (Olympics, for instance), I always picture you as it is very hard to distinguish a person in the pool and so many could so easily be you. But I hate coming down with a bump of reality. loads of love for now and forever. M xxxxxx

momma (1st January 2017)
Hey ho Grace, another year has begun.....I missed your prompt call a few seconds after midnight...we have always been amazed by the way you managed it year after year. But the boys have all called which is lovely. No one can be as quick off the mark as you but it's been lovely to chat - all within ten minutes of midnight. Bed time now. love you so. Momma xxxxxx

momma (25th December 2016)
Grace, my lovely girl, it is Christmas day and I am listening to
Silent Night and thinking of how excited you would be. I might be in bed relatively early for me on Christmas Eve (or early morning!) as I have told the boys that Father Christmas has given me a message that he is taking a sabbatical this year and not delivering stockings for those over 30! All the cooking is time consuming enough but you would be helping me and just loving the big plateful tomorrow. Thinking of you as I lay my head down....and will be drinking a toast to you tomorrow. Love you so much. Momma xxxxxx

momma (11th December 2016)
I'm doing the tree with the Andrews Sisters as always and just had to stop and tell you as I can't get on unless I do. Thinking of you all the time Grace. Knowing what Christmas meant to you and how very special you made it for all of us. Thank you for everlasting vivid wonderful memories. xxxxxx

momma (24th November 2016)
Grace, I want to talk to you so badly. I have just this minute found a book in which you have listed all sorts of things you got from Father Christmas (or Farther Christmas as you call him!)... and presents you want to give people. I am finding things all the time every day now that I am finally sorting our clutter. It breaks my heart to see all your notebooks, letters, cards and so much in your beautiful writing, little drawings..lots of holly you drew just like I do. I have found some long lost jewellery too and I keep on thinking and knowing how much you would have liked it. I won't wear it now and I want you to have it so badly. Just you. Not really anyone else though of course I will give it away. Being without you is still the most impossible thing to bear. We could be laughing and having so much fun right now. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, when I think of you I think of bright light, happy times. Thinking of you makes me happy but missing you makes me dreadfully sad. xxxxxx

momma (24th November 2016)
It brings me great comfort that your friends, acquaintances and even people who have never met you, write here on your website.....they send beautiful messages and I feel we all share the same sadness in missing you and joy in having you in our lives.xxxxxx

momma (12th November 2016)
How I miss you Grace. Each day, at the very least, it is speckled throughout with thoughts of you....usually, though, I think deeply about you; maybe something you have written (as I find more and more), said, done....knowing how you would feel about the treatment of any down-trodden, badly treated or sad people. You had a wonderfully generous spirit and I feel grateful to have learnt from you even if I can never measure up to your open and unselfish attitude. Gosh, I really really miss you. xxxxxx (by the way, Ian and I want to refresh your website but we are both having trouble finding the time right now...I am doing this horrendous sorting, the stuff you told me to get on with and not to postpone....see, I need you here!)

Ruth (31st October 2016)
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. xx

Dear Grace, just writing to let your momma know I am thinking of you. Often do. xx

momma (22nd October 2016)
Hi Grace.....just thinking of you again. Most of the day you pop into my head and keep me company. The other day we received a beautiful post card from Elly. She had been on a month long walk from France to Spain and, along it, she walked a route that many others walk in memory of someone they have lost. She found herself thinking of you so much, she saw lots of butterflies and, in one place, ribbons and little messages. All of this made me cry just imagining the warmth and sunshine, the butterflies and ribbons, and your presence. Anyway, she said she wrote your name on a piece of paper and left it there. So Poppa and I might go and walk there and see if we can find it! The whole thing was just so moving, it really affected me. Elly misses you very much. William and Julia are here (rather rare these days!) so I must stop writing and go downstairs. loads of love to you, my BGITW(!) xxxxxx

momma (30th September 2016)
Every day I am finding new things you made or wrote - it means I want to write to you every minute. It hurts so much that I can't tell you now how much I love them, or laugh with you, and that there is so much I didn't see while you were here ....partly because I think you were very modest about your achievements and partly because there just wasn't time and we would never have known the short time we had together would run out. It is particularly distressing that you once said to me that you felt, because William was so good at art, we didn't really notice yours - and that you were considered to be quite good at school. Never mind that we can see how good you were, it's just so upsetting to know you felt we didn't realise. I am so so sorry Grace...I love you so much and I love your art so much. And I know how much you wanted to sew and that I had planned to teach you to make clothes etc during the summer holidays. Oh, and the cooking lessons I booked with Char, and so much we had planned. And especially visiting Bangalore...and meeting all your old friends so much was on the brink. But my love was and is constant and I pray you know that. xxxxxx (I have just found a beautiful pottery tea light holder you made and I'll light a candle in it each day...I may put a picture on my Facebook timeline as it's all part of you)

momma (14th September 2016)
Hello I saw such a beautiful Grace rose in your garden. I was just looking out of the window from your old bedroom (now my study) and it really shone out. I have a new phone so I decided to try out the camera and see how it came out. I love the picture and shared it with people on Facebook and I know they are thinking of you too. Love you so so so much, darling girl. xxxxxx

momma (27th August 2016)
I'm trying to sort stuff Grace. So much of yours....Dorothy loves lots of your toys and it is good that she and Felix can play in your room. Jesse goes in there too and we all love being happy there and I always feel it has a special atmosphere. Because I put lilies or stocks on the windowsill, it smells lovely too. I think it has a unique lovely smell anyway, even without the flowers. Strange! It is definitely YOUR room despite you only being in it for such a short time. love you. xxxxx

momma (26th August 2016)
Today is Jap's birthday know that and you would be having so much fun with him (except he is still in Kurdistan helping the really troubled Iraqi people there)...remember how Robert always made a treasure hunt for him on his birthday? So many things have changed. Time passes. Right now we have Felix, Dorothy and Jesse staying. They play in your room. You would love the doll's house we gave Dot and I wish I had played more with you with dolls and Scala and everything. Especially my own Lady love her and I can't remember if you ever really played with her in the end. I worry so much that I always made myself too busy to really play with you. If I think hard enough I can get very sad remembering things I wish I had done for you and with you, and said to you. I just also want to say (in case Maddie reads this) how much I love it when people tell me that they look at your website and send lovely messages. I am going to secure it for the maximum I can in one go...that will be ten years. I want to add new photos - I am coming across so much with my sorting. Loads of love for now. Momma xxxxxx

Maddie (25th August 2016)
Hi Grace and Grace's Momma, I just wanted to write a quick message to say that I still think of Grace a lot, and I'm sure that like me a lot of us who knew Grace still stop by this site to look at the pictures and remember her. Love to you and all the family. xx

J (12th August 2016)
thinking of you always lovely Grace. xxxx

D (8th August 2016)
Thinking about you, as I often do.

Momma (2nd August 2016)
Oh Grace, I am sorting the loft where I put a whole lot of your is just about impossible. I have found a box full of beautiful cards you have made for from you to BMITW....always our code! And now I have found a huge lot of photos you have taken from the Dragon - all fun and some really artistic of trips to Barnsdale and abroad. I have never been able to tell you how much I appreciate your artistic nature. I think I often told you how much I love your writing. When I see it again, I wonder at mature so long ago even. And just very special. Best girl, I love you so. xxxxxx (I must try and carry on a bit more now)

momma (21 July 2016)
Grace, I'm right in the middle of my exercises but had to stop and write to you....just want to. I'm thinking of you so much. It makes me happy that so many people still do seem to look at your website and even write even when, sometimes, they haven't met you. It is a wonderful thing that you still inspire people. I wish I could thank them all but this is the only point of contact really....hopefully some will read my messages and know how much it means to me to read messages to you. It is the village fete again and of course we have the raffle tickets and I am remembering how you always won something, you were so lucky in that way. And I remember when you participated with Lydia and were selling ice creams for the fete. All those things still go on and I miss you all the more because you can't be with us. Love you tons and tons. xxxxxx

Momma (21st July 2016)
Oh, I meant to say that I really really want to add some more photos before too long....hopefully people do look at the 'new galleries' page even though there haven't actually been any very new photos for a while now. Determined to do it before TOO long.xxxxxx

J (20th July 2016)
I've never written on here before Grace but I often think of you and another relative who was taken far too young and all the things you could have become. Reading through this over the years it's clear how much you mean to people all over the world and how much support this page provides for everybody, myself included.

Momma (16th July 20160
Grace...every day I think about you so much. Now I am thinking about those broken parents in Nice, how they will try to survive the loss of their children. But, right now, I have been picking raspberries in the sun and, at last, they are a success and I think of you ALL the time (with every raspberry!), remembering how we used to go and 'pick your own' together, how you absolutely loved all fruit, how MUCH you would adore to go and pick these....I want you to have them so badly. I love you Grace, always and every small and big thing reminds me of you. That is good, you are never far from me. xxxxxx

Momma (18th June 20160
We had a lovely time punting for your birthday Grace. Elly came(bringing Jaffa cakes to unpick the way you and she used to!)
and Robert, Becks, Felix, Dorothy and Jesse...and William and Julia. We punted and did cherry stone spitting at the Vicky Arms because the weather was not great. You would have approved as, instead of the planned picnic, we went to your favourite restaurant (Gees of course) for lunch. Missed you so much. You would have adored it. Now I am just getting on with the day and plan a lot of tidying up in your garden. Loads of my best love xxxxxx

Momma (3rd June 2016)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST BEST BEAUTIFUL GRACE......will be in touch again later. Thinking of and loving you tons today xxxxxx

Lauren (3rd June 2016)
Happy birthday beautiful girl, thinking of you always and your lovely smile x

momma (2nd June 2016)
Just thinking, remembering, thinking, remembering.....It's Elly's birthday today (she is coming punting with us to celebrate yours) and I know how excited you would be for tomorrow....loads of love xxxxxx

momma (29th May 2016)
Darling Grace....thinking of you so much on my birthday. I can be happy and then suddenly remember how much I want you to be here. You are the best daughter I could ever ever have had, thank you, darling girl. Remember BGITW .... very much love from your birthday Momma xxxxxx

momma (29th May 2016)
Just a minute left of my birthday....still missing you so much, thinking of you, loving you. xxxx

Iona (21st May 2016)
Thinking of you lovely one! Sorting my room out at home at the moment and found some hilarious photos of Cherwell and also your page in my leaver's book which made me smile. Funny seeing what everyone is getting up to these days - Iola and Flavia are both adventuring abroad to Australia for a year or so, pretty exciting! And Lucy Po sells yummy raw superfood bars in London, all the fruit would be right up your street with those two oranges you aways had to ensure you were getting your Vitamin C!

Momma (20th May 2016)
As usual, you are with me as I go through my day Grace. Very busy, thinking of you and how you would like me preparing to see some of your best friends tomorrow. And, of course, you wouldn't mind that it will POUR all always loved the rain so much! I think that is because of the Monsoon! Not so good for me....I will have to put photos of your garden on Facebook this weekend as it will be so hard being in it in for very long in the rain - we'll wait and see....who knows, the forecasters might be wrong....missing you, wish you were here so very much. I have put Ga's statue of the Three Graces in your garden, it looks lovely I think but just needs a small bird bath on top. I am trying to find one. It's always good to have a project which involves you! loads of my love. xxxxx

M (10th May 2016)
Hi Grace, Just wanted to write and say you and your lovely family are never far from my mind. Missing you and remembering you always xxx

Grace - just missing you so much. I see others do as well and it means a huge amount when they say so here. It keeps me company. Time goes very fast, people are so busy but you remain with us and in our thoughts. I love you so much. xxxxx

G (7th April 20160
I come here often just to read the messages and think of you, I have never found the courage to write. Or maybe I just cant find the words. I think of you every single day, and your amazing family just as often. How your momma misses you breaks my heart, we all miss you Grace, so very very much. It doesn't get any easier without you, no matter how many years have passed, it still feels like yesterday. You are an Angel Grace, you were from the second you were born, and you brought light to all our lives, how proud your mum must be to see how many hearts you touched. I love you Grace, in my darkest hours you are all that keeps me going. x

momma (7th April 2016)
Dearest darling Grace (BGITW - our special code!) Today SO MANY people are missing you and thinking of you and absolutely all who can are going to be drinking a toast to you at 7pm tonight. You will adore that and we will gather enormous strength and courage from the love you bring out. I have put on Facebook the lovely photo of you at Rpbert and Becks's wedding so others will see you and remember how beautiful you are both inside and out. lots of love for now. xxxxx

momma (7th April 2016)
It's been a day full of so many many people thinking about you.....we have made it a happy day by arranging that everyone who could, all over the world, would toast you at 7pm (that meant a different time for some people but mostly it meant we all did it at the identical time which was wonderful). I felt it made us strong....lots of people and lots of love. Poppa and I took a huge big bunch of lilies to you and I have them in the house and in your room; William sent a beautiful bunch as well. You make so many good things happen Grace. You always have and you probably always will. lots and lots of love to you. It's a terribly sad day for us but it has been really uplifting to have been in touch with your lovely friends and all those who think of you. xxxxx

Susa and Richard (5th Aoril 2016)
Just to send you all our love as you gather shortly for a family day of remembrance for beautiful Grace .

momma (4th April 2016)
So Grace, this will be the first year I haven't put together a service for you in April. Somehow it seems ok but I will definitely want to try to have another some time - just for you. We'll be having our pub snack in the village on Saturday. Jenny is coming as well as Robert, Becks, Felix, Dot and Jesse and William and Julia. I think everyone else is away or busy, I am a bit sad but I know they will remember you. Things move on. We are going to try to get all your friends together for an early celebration of your birthday in May. love you so. M xxxxx

momma (30th March 2016)
The strangest thing...I just wrote a message which disappeared as though perhaps you didn't want it to be there. I shall try to rephrase it but I need to write because I heard some news today which has made me remember so much of all the troubles you went through; I remember how much I wanted everything to be so different and how much I hurt for you. Sometimes I feel so sad that you can't be here to experience all the fun, happiness and love you deserve. I hurt for you now. Your friends are wonderful and I sometimes see how fulfilled their lives are and I just so badly want it for you and I know it can never be. Things should get easier but sometimes they are more intense. All I know is I love you so so so much. April is nearly here. It's a special time when so many of us remember how much we love you. xxxxxx

Momma (23rd March 2016)
Grace, it's as though I can't think of anything else much while remembering these days leading up to Easter - despite the different date, it all muddles together - and how you were here and what you were doing and none of us knowing they were your last few days. You had such a horrible time with the builders here....arranging all your clothes in the cupboard in the passage when you slept in Jap's room, then you decided to move into your own room even though it wasn't nearly ready and moved all your clothes again. You arranged a dust sheet for a carpet. You arranged everything so beautifully just as you always do, and took such care not to cause any extra trouble. You made sure all your clothes were washed at school so we didn't have the trouble of washing them at home....they still smell of the school soap and are folded the way you folded them. I find it so sad....I never made time to tell you how much I really love and appreciate you. It was all so mad and horrible with the builders. Sometimes I wonder how we got through it all, with Poppa's dreadful accident too, but I think some of it is because I always always think of you so much and you keep me strong. Thank you for everything you have always been to us Grace. I always have thought we are such a lucky family and I still do think we are, we have the best children that we could possibly have .... they may not be the best in the whole world (I can't judge!) but they are definitely the very best for our family! You are a great part of our family and we remember you all the time. xxxxx

Momma (9th March 2016)
Oh dear, Grace, I think I have lost that hat I used to lend you...I mind so much more because it reminds me of you wearing it. I have looked everywhere and yet I just cannot imagine how it got lost. I wore it yesterday and today too I think but suddenly it isn't here. The pink and brown knitted thing I got in a charity shop! But I love it. And you loved it too which really pleased me. And I love you. Will be going to bed now. I hope and pray it turns up. xxxxx

Momma (6th March Mothering Sunday 2016)
Darling Grace. Today I picked a bunch of miniature daffodils from the garden for you as I know you would love them and would probably have been with me here today being the best daughter in the world if it hadn't been for that one unchangeable event. I bet you would cook me a lovely meal, you were so much loving to cook and becoming brilliant at it. You were so neat and tidy (all the ingredients prepared in advance and waiting in small bowls) unlike me! I think about all those times, I miss you giving up chocolate for Lent and smelling it instead of eating it and being satisfied with that until that moment you knew was coming...Easter Day and Easter eggs. How hard it was not to be able to give you your Easter egg and how could anyone else eat it? It stayed in the fridge for months and months. It was impossible. Soon it will be Easter again. So many have come and gone since your accident. Miss you SO SO SO much, and I always will. xxxxx

That your friends take the trouble to write and say they still think of you is the best and most comfort imaginable. xxxxx

M (2nd March 2016)
Hi Grace and Grace's Momma. I just wanted to write and say I still think of you both often. Please don't ever think that any of us have forgotten Grace. She was completely impossible to forget! She had such a big warm personality and I still remember little funny things about her all the time. I shared a room with her when I first started boarding school and she taught me how to do my hair, and used to keep us all up late doing funny accents. And she had a pair of pink flared trousers I was incredibly jealous of. More than anything though I just remember that she never said an unkind word to anyone. All the best to you and all the family. We still think of you Grace xx

momma (1st March 2016)
Missing you more than ever Grace. Really. Love you. xxxxxx

S (29th Februry 2016)
To Grace and Grace's Momma, I was in Grace's house at Teddies and was a few years below her. I just wanted to write and say I haven't forgotten about Grace. Sometimes when I have quiet moments, she slips into my head and I find it quite hard to believe that I am now so much older than she was when she passed because she seemed like a grown up to me at the time - so beautiful and spirited. I occasionally come to read this page and think how wonderful it was that she touched so many people's lives and how lucky she was to have a mum that loved and loves her this much in a world where so many people are less fortunate. I can't imagine that it ever gets any easier, but I just wanted you to know that what happened to Grace may well have saved my and so many other people's lives and that even those of us who weren't her closest friends, but still spent time with her, remember her xxx

Momma (29th February 2016)
Grace, so many people were thinking of you on Saturday night. William had organised a surprise, a TOTAL surprise, party for our 40th wedding anniversary...he called it a Rubeption because we never did have our wedding reception 40 years ago (as you will remember we always joke about putting the announcement in the paper at the time to say we would be having a reception for our friends at a later date when logistics were easier) he put one in for this one saying the logistics were now good so our wedding reception would be held to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Big Robert made a wonderful speech and so did Little Robert who spoke all about you and of course we all drank to you and I wished so hard and passionately you could be there with us. I am still reeling from the huge surprise to see so many wonderful friends and relations all gathered in the same little hotel where we had our tiny reception of 16 relations to our wedding 40 years ago. We went to the church in which we were married and Poppa and I lit candles for you. I managed to get the exact middle spot for the candle I lit for you! I felt it was just right and that you would love it. I could write on and on and much to much I feel. Someone lovely (S)has written about you (so movingly) already today and that fills me with joy, just knowing that you are still remembered and missed and appreciated still so much. Always thank you to all those that remember you and let us know they do. So much has happened in the last week, I've not had time to even tell you about the new little baby boy Robert and Becks have had......he is adorable and you would absolutely love him. No name yet...will write when I know it! My very very best always Momma xxx

D (8th February 2016)
Thinking about you often. The world lost a gem. xx

momma (24th January 2016)
Just to say how good it is to know that Tom Wormersley is running the Marathon in your memory. It makes me so proud and even happy to know this is is a lovely thought and I know you would want to support the charity he has chosen which is called Whizz-Kidz. I can't describe the warm feeling I get when people remember you and bring you into our every day life. You will always be remembered by so many. Fran came over the other day and we talked so much about you and funny times. it did make me very sad to know, so clearly, how things could have been completely different that night. xxxxx BGITW

momma (22nd January 2016)
I love you so much Grace, and missing you xxxxxx

momma (13th January 2016)
Oh dear, I have been looking through all my scarves etc and have so many I should love to give you. And I really think you would like them!
I am not ready for charity shops instead yet.....soon, perhaps. When it comes to your clothes, that is the hardest. Miss you all the time. xxxxx

momma (New Year's Day 2016)
HAPPY NEW YEAR darling Grace....I missed you at midnight, you were always the first to ring I am missing you even more as I remember the way you came into our room with your duvet, sleeping on the floor next to me.....then I started to feel how much I failed you and there is so much I wish I could have done for you, given you, found for you. You were the best daughter we could ever have had, so much unconditional love, so much generosity in every way. Oh, how I miss you. I just want you to be here. I will always be so proud of you. Bless you. xxxxxx

B (1st January 2016)
Dear grace and grace's mum, I never knew you personally but I heard about your tragic story through a relative. I just wanted to write and let you know that you, grace, have touched the lives of so many, many of whom you don't even know. Including myself. The love that your mum so obviously has for you is so unbelievably encouraging and lovely to see/read. I have suffered from quite severe depression for a long time and seeing your mothers love for you has really helped me to keep going. You obviously have had such an impact on the lives of people you have met. I wish you and your family the happiest of New Years and hope that you feel the love that so many have for you wherever you are xxx

momma (Christmas day 2015)
Darling Grace...We have had a lovely day but we miss you so much. All the food and fun makes us think of you and we feel you have just gone away and will be back soon. Because we remember you won't be back, it is impossible to be totally happy.........Jasper has decorated your room so beautifully again and I have been reading all the cards you kept. I'm so glad you did, it really makes me feel you have just gone away for a short while. It still shocks me to realise the truth. I love you so much, xxxxxxx

momma (24th December 20150
Oh Grace, here we are and it is another Christmas eve without you....we have been to the Hextall's party (as is our custom) again and we talked about you so much. It's so tough....miss you and can only think about you right now. love you, miss you. xxxx xxxx xxx

Momma (14th December 2015)
Grace, we went to the Carol Service at Upper Swell last night, the church was looking magical with masses and masses of candles and most beautiful simple greenery for decorations; we were sitting up near the alter and that is where we were sitting the night you were coming home but missed getting out at Kingham so had to go on to Moreton in Marsh and Poppa had to come and get you. You arrived so late and had to walk all the way up the aisle to sit with us up in the chancel and you were a bit embarrassed. I miss you so much - especially, again, last night when the organ accompaniment went hilariously wrong and I just knew you would be giggling and probably laughing out loud! It made me happy to think about it, how you and the boys would be when things went wrong...but then it makes me so sad as well as I want you here. love you so, xxxxx

Momma (7th December 20150
Darling Grace....I have been thinking of you so so so much lately, I feel I will burst if I don't write to you. Everything I am doing or seeing reminds in some way of you. I love remembering all about you but it still does make me sad, it is just too hard when Christmas is coming. This evening I found a Christmas card you made for me. It is really lovely and I haven't seen it for years. I have put it up. I am at a loss to know how to express what I feel and I just only hope you know. It certainly never changes. Loads of love and I know you will be with me all through Christmas. My best girl, xxxxx

Jim Rogers (9th November 2015)
I was talking with my daughter Happy [born 30 May 2003] about you again the other day. She still remembers what happened and has promised me she will never get in a car like that no matter what the driver or anyone else says. It is a terrible sacrifice, but you will save some young lives.

Momma (9th November 2015)
Grace, reading the message from your Godfather Jim, it makes me remember that all your life you went out of your way to help people and I realise you will continue to do so even now. It seems you came into the world to help others. xxxxx

momma (22nd October 2015)
Darling Grace, it would be easy to think we are forgetting you, we are not though. Never. Less obvious signs but I know so many of your friends and all our relations remember and miss you constantly. I saw a picture of Chloe, Vicky, Fran and Grace P on Facebook and there was a reference to Gravity but I just knew it wasn't completely Gravity.......not without you.
Today I had to clear out my car as it is going for scrap tomorrow....and, in one of those drawers under the seats, I found some trainers. They must be yours. They can't be anyone else's. That has made me miss you so much, the holidays we all loved (even the ones in Spain when you were so least you read plenty of Harry Potter!)....I would give the world to have you back with us on a family holiday. And Christmas, you would be here, I know it. I would love, love, love to be doing up a gigantic parcel for you, with all those other smaller parcels inside, you so loved to open the surprises. I don't think I can ever get used to you not being here. But we were gloriously lucky to have you for the time we did and for you to have made such an impact on everyone we know....and even all those strangers on beaches, in hotels etc, when you somehow managed to get them to give you their food! Yes, you are the Charismatic Child......... Loads of love for you. xxxxx

momma (24th September 2015)
Grace, we are in America, visiting Penny and Ann....and I am wearing the necklace you made me (so beautifully) all the time. I really love it. I haven't worn it much before as it distressed me to think of your care and how you chose all the beads and colours and put it together so expertly for me. But now I just want to enjoy it and be thankful I have something so personal from you. Thank you so much. I remember when you made it. Seems not so long ago. Love you forever. Momma xxxxx

momma (19th September 2015)
I can't believe my notes to you have been going on for so many years on your website, I miss you, think about you and wish you were here all the time. I still haven't sorted your things properly, not at all, I still don't feel I can do it without going nearly mad. Too much makes no sense. But my feelings are very clear. I love you. xxxxx

Momma (15th September 2015)
Darling Grace...well, William is married. We had a brilliant time over in Norway, it was just such a magical wedding and all the planning over the two days and nights was perfect. The only thing that made it not quite perfect was missing you. We all missed you and William spoke about you and we had a special toast to you. You would have loved seeing little Felix right in the front (flower girls, including sweet little Dorothy, behind him, strewing rose petals as they walked), carrying the rings in two red velvet boxes, slowly he walked to give one to William's best man and one to Julia's best man (yes, she had a best man!). Julia followed behind the three flower girls, looking beautiful. They all looked incredible...Felix in his morning suit and Dorothy in the prettiest soft pale green dress. It is so awful that you miss being with us. It is awful for us but I hope not for you. I just pray I will see you again, my darling Grace. love you forever. Momma xxxxx

Momma (30th August 20150
Lovely Grace....just because I am not writing so often, don't think for one moment I don't think of you as much as ever and always. Right now I am trying to get ready for William's wedding in Norway. I keep on wanting to ask your advice, I need your help - remember when you helped me put mascara on?! And I always remember how you chose my black trousers. I never wear make up and you are the one to show me all things like that. I suppose I have managed for all these years but doing things together was something I so valued and it would only have got better the older you got. It is horrible to be missing it. We will have a lovely time at the wedding, but all of us will be thinking of you plenty of the time. We all want you to be there with us. We all miss you SO much. I love you constantly Grace. xxx

momma (30th August 2015)
I've been trying on things all day and thinking of you and what you might had such style Grace. You managed so much so well so young.
How wonderful that you are my daughter. xxxxx

Momma (10th August 2015)
Grace.....I miss you so so so so so much. Impossible. love you always and forever xxxxx

Maddie (25th June 2015)
Hi Grace, I still see things that remind me of you all the time. You were one of the first people I shared a room with at school and you were so lovely to me when I was really homesick, and I remember you and your mum putting up a big blue patterned drape on the wall using about 300 pins. You were so funny as well. You used to do all kinds of accents and the teachers had to keep coming in to tell you to be quiet when we were all laughing. And you taught me how to do a perfect ponytail by hanging my head over the side of the bed, which was a bit ridiculous, but at the time I just wanted hair as nice as yours and would do anything to get it! I taught that trick to my cousin and she still does it now. You made a big impression on me just by always being a friendly face when I was new and a bit nerdy and shy. I know we all still think of you and your lovely mum all the time. Lots of love to you and your family. xxx

Ely (25th June 2015)
Car is playing in my office - always always makes me think of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I so wish you were here

momma (27th June 2015)
Darling it's Robert's birthday as you know! I have been thinking of you so so much in the last couple of days, especially yesterday.
We went to a celebration of a friend's life - it was full of joy with lots of Poppa's rugby friends and plenty of laughing about Ian's brilliant life. I have known him for nearly 50 years, it is a long time and we will miss him very much.. but, oddly, I was thinking of you (I even dreamt of you the night before last and that hardly ever happens) so constantly that I wondered if perhaps you are meeting him now! That would be wonderful.
Nothing gets less when it comes to missing you Grace. Love you forever...Momma xxxxx

Momma (14th June 2015)
We had such a lovely day in the garden this time last week. So many of your friends came here for a picnic and to see your garden and to visit you too. The weather was beautiful, perfect, and just how you would have loved it. We all missed you so much; right now I would do absolutely anything to turn back the clock and have you with us. I feel you around with your laugh and fun and the way you cared for so much. You cared for all people, whoever they were. I am so proud to be your mother. Well, I have more to do in the garden (and much more in the house but I find that difficult when the sun is shining!). I so so so wish you could meet Hank, you would just adore him. It makes me sad to think you always wanted a cat but didn't have one. Hank is so naughty, I need you to help me! Loving you always, Momma. xxxxx

Momma (3rd June 2015)
Grace, my Bestest Best Birthday is your day and I am thinking of all the happy ones we have always had and the ones we were planning for the future. 3rd June has always been a joyous day for you and for us so I am planning some happy things today. For one thing, I am going to plant the path in your garden today. I have tried to do it for about two years! I will try to be in your garden most of the day just thinking about you and making it look better (I hope!). The time rushes by so I had better hurry and get outside into your garden. I love you never endingly......xxxx

Lara (3rd June 2015)
Happy Happy Birthday to Grace today!!

Harriet (3rd June 2025)
Wishing you all the love today on Grace's special day. Thinking of you all as always. Lots of love.

Ely (18th May 2015)
Mousie you have been popping in to my head a lot lately so it was definitely time for a visit to your site. I think it is because there have been a few instances this year where amazing young people have been taken from us far too soon and I always think of how they will be with you. I can imagine you all having a right old knees up where ever you are. Anyway, missing you as always. we are coming to see you sometime in June. love always xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ruth (14th May 2015)
Still remembering all of your family in my prayers. xx

Momma (15th May 2015)
Every time I go shopping in Cheltenham (and I have been having to go more often lately), I remember all the shops you loved, see you trying things on, remember buying a sandwich for you to eat on that bench...and never stop wishing I could go on a shopping spree with you and buy you something to make you loved to come home and try on your new clothes to show me....we didn't do it often, we so often went to charity shops and had fun there loved a good bargain! I so miss all of that Grace. I am imagining you are somewhere where clothes are not the important thing any more! But I love it that you were stylish and always knew what you wanted and educated me and helped me so much - and tried very hard not to be extravagant, love you forever. xxxxx

Momma (4th May 2015)
I have just been dusting in the sitting room Grace. Whenever I dust Gort's footstool with the leather 'seat'. I remember how you sat on it in your wet swimming costume and that I was cross when you left the perfect shape of your bottom forever marked on the leather. Now I smile while being impossibly sad all at the same time but SO grateful you did that! Even that seems like just the other day..............xxxxx

momma (29th April 2015)
Grace, the scent in your room is intoxicating, it brings you close to me, it is synonymous with you, for me, now. And same in the churchyard.
The blooms linger on. I love you. xxxxx

Carol (29th April 2015)
Thank you, E, for your lovely message

E (21st April 2015)
Dear Grace's mum, I knew Grace at Teddies, I was a few years above her and in the same house. I was her prefect and have great memories of chatting to Grace during prep time and laughing with her and her friends, talking about boys, complaining about teachers. I don't know why she popped into my mind today and I just wanted to say I'm sorry and sad and cannot imagine the daily pain you must all go through. I just wanted to send a message of love and support. E xxxx

momma (15th April 2015)
Grace, lovely Grace, I have just been rubbing sun cream on (trying to be good) and I immediately remembered rubbing it on you and I could almost feel your skin and warmth. Every small thing brings you to my mind. Loving and missing you forever. xxxxx

momma (15th April 2015)
Grace, I've just been in your room and the lilies are smelling divine...I still can't believe you were never able to settle into your lovely new room and it has no purpose at the moment. Only you will know the lilies are so gorgeous in there. They are for you. I love you. xxxxx

Emma (7th April 2015)
Thinking of you and all the family today x

G (7th April 2015)
Thinking of you today. 6 years have gone by but the your always in our minds. Much love

The Proutys (7th April 2015)
Dear Grace, We, with all your wonderful family and your many friends, continue to miss you -- your energy, your cheerfulness, your fierce determination, your curiosity, your style, and your enormous, natural generosity of spirit. We knew you only as child, yet all these characteristics were absolutely as clear then as we know they would be today. These are all Hadman traits, and no doubt were those of the Matilda whose significance in your name your father explained. She may not have possessed your extraordinary smile, though, and the memory of that is always as warm as April sun. We think of you, and wish we could be in your beautiful church with your family on the 11th for your remembrance this year. Much love to you, sweet girl, Allison, Norman and Annabel

your elderly auntie Zigi (7th April 2015)
Darling Grace, I have failed you dismally this year - there really is no excuse barring old age and an unreal experience of time rushing by and forgetting which year it is, let alone which day! I think of you so much, and some of my best memories are of when you were a lovely little girl with dimples, cheeky as a monkey, always had a direct answer for everything which used to make me grin with its simplicity and truth - I have a couple of grandsons now who remind me of you in their own special ways - chance remarks, silly things - you know! Momma has been amazing these few years, I know you know, but I thought you'd like to know I do too - she has found a good balance and we all love and admire her for who she is - she is a star too. Did she tell you she and Poppa came over to France to see me - that was such fun, I loved it all. and she has taken up Pilates now and all sorts of other good mind and body building exercises - I'm super impressed! Anyways sweet Grace, I'm nattering on, and all I really want to say is you are never forgotten, always in my thoughts and the most gorgeoously beautiful niece I'll ever have xxxxxxxxxx

A (7th April 2015)
Grace, I so often think of you and feel so sad that you are not here. My heart is always with your family. I cannot believe it is now 6 years. I will light a candle for you. Much love x x x

Momma (7th April 2015)
xxxxxx a kiss for each year but multiply them a million times - all for you

Anon (6th April 2015)
Dearest Grace, always in our thoughts and our hearts. Forever loved. S xx

Momma (6th April 2015)
Darling Grace, I keep remembering that this time six years ago you were in Oxford....and you would never come home again. We had spent a lovely happy day together in Chipping Norton before you caught the train. It is all still unbearable to think about. I miss you being with us....I miss your presence all the time. I loved to hear you laugh. I love you so much, my precious girl. Momma xxx

Momma (1st April 2015)
Grace, I miss you on April Fools Day! So much. And when I see Easter eggs I miss you .... well, actually, most of the time I see, hear and feel things which remind me of you and so I am always missing you. The lilies are so beautiful. Tons of love M xxx

Susan Holborow (30th March 2015)
Grace, almost 6 years. I find it hard to believe but you are always in my thoughts. April 7 is my brother's birthday so it is always mixed blessings. Alice is coming to see me April 7 this year as well. I haven't seen her since Dec 2013. We are all so busy doing our own thing & we have such great distances between us but that is no excuse. I miss Teddies & Avenue such a lot but Eastbourne College & Nugent House are just as wonderful & crazy. I feel sure you watch over us & smile.... Much love S

Momma (30th March 2015)
There are beautiful lilies with you Grace...and I so hope and pray you can see them and know who has brought them. All the flowers are lovely, Spring is really here now. For me, the joy I feel is always tinged with sadness as I think about all the fun you could be sharing with your friends...and all the rich future you have missed. So many of us love you, so many miss you dreadfully still and probably always will. I can't believe that the shock and feelings are as fresh as ever, time makes little all boils down to missing you so so so much and wanting you to come home. xxxxx

momma 17th March 2015
Oh Grace, you just flash straight into my head and I see you.....what you are wearing, your laugh, your concern...........then I find I know you are not really here. But you are always with me. It all seems unbearable sometimes. This is such a sad time for me when I remember, this time six years ago, none of us had any idea about what was going to happen. I remember these few March weeks. How we did a few things together. Miss you SO much, Grace. I pray I see you again. xxxxx

momma (15th March 2015)
Very much missing you - and your card - today. Love you so much. xxxx

Grace, I've been wanting to write for so long...been flat out as usual though and, when I am gardening, I think of you most of the time...and I seem to garden most of the time right now so that means you are in my thoughts constantly. Especially, as I have been wanting to say how much I love wearing your boots...those very expensive wellies (fur lined) which I was horrified about but you persuaded me to get them for you..........oh, boy, I am so grateful for them now and, once more, I know how often you made the right decisions in your life. Small and big. All your life, since being a tiny baby, it was apparent that you were very wise. I am so proud of you. Love you loads..........must continue now.......xxxxxxMommaxxxxx

momma 2nd March 2015
Grace, I am so aware that April is coming soon. We will never forget and always want to keep you with us and amongst everything we do. I am not sure what to do about 7th April this year. We would love to see all your friends, anyone who will be thinking of you particularly on that day but we don't want to keep expecting people to come over here. All your friends are so busy with their full will be hard for them to make extra time though I am sure they have quiet times when they do think of you.
Now that I am on Facebook (perhaps you would forgive me as it all seems to have changed a bit and now caters for older people too....we are not just spying on our children!), I might put something there to ask what people think. Oh, your snowdrops are absolutely beautiful this year, getting thicker and thicker - I need a few more up at the top, round the cross, and Jill is giving some to me I think. I hope I will be planting them soon. And the little daffodils will be out soon too (Alby's and Ann's). I love you so. Always. xxx

Momma (19 February 2025)
Hello Grace....lots to say as usual. I could write all day every day because I am always wanting to tell you things and talk to you. I am very touched by the message (below) from 'J'....I don't know who she is but she has helped me so much, as each person who talks about you, or thinks about you, and tells me so, does, Somehow, the anguish is lessened and diluted when others share their thoughts and feelings about you. We are very lucky. Oh, gosh, how I wish you were here though. I have been busy in your garden (my therapy!). A couple of days ago I planted over 100 snowdrops to line your path each side. Now I have bought some more beautiful roses to squeeze in...they are 'Special Child', 'Isn't She Lovely', Champagne Moments (which I have put next to 'Ice Cream' and a new honeysuckle called 'Rhubarb and Custard'...always remembering what you loved!) and English Miss. All beautiful and all should smell lovely. I hope they will enhance your garden together with the masses of lily bulbs (always your favourite) I am planting. I haven't had any luck with lilies so far, most that I have planted haven't come up, or the lily beetle eats them, which is very annoying and sad but I am not giving up! I love you, I have lots to get on with so am stopping now. xxxxx

J (16th February 2015)
For Graces momma, I hope this message does not seem strange but I came to look at this page as for some reason this evening, Grace popped into my mind. Graces story really touched me at the time, I'm not sure why but I have never forgotten her and often think about her. Your messages are beautiful and very touching and my heart goes out to you. Grace was obviously a beautiful person inside and out and maybe she takes after you. I am sure she is always with you and knows you are thinking of her. I am now a mummy myself and I cannot imagine how brave you have to be. I just wanted to send you a message with lots of love xxx

Momma (28th January 2015)
Hello lovely girl. I am wearing the watch you loved; we were going to get you one. I always think of that when I wear it. We are going to London today to see the Mousetrap (Becks's present) and, again, I remember how much you loved Agatha Christie and the times we went to the theatre and sometimes we watched on tv. Missing you all the time, with every thing I do. xxxx

Vix 25th January 2015)
Today I miss you. I have been thinking about you all day. I don't know why. Wish you were here so much x x x x x


Clemmie (12th January 2015)
Grace I think about you so much I have a very special place for you in my heart and will always do lots of love clemmie xx

momma (5th January 2014)
Grace, somehow this Christmas has been even harder....I have thought of you so much and so often. I find myself wondering why it all happened, still finding it so hard to accept or even believe sometimes. I keep thinking of how we talked and I find myself wondering where all your ideas are now. Where could they be? Why would they be curtailed and wasted? It's all completely beyond understanding. I look at photos of you with your friends and I know they are still here and it seems you could so easily be as well. And why aren't you? We know things could have been so different. I feel like this because it is beyond belief. Your friends do think of you still.......I love you, we all do. xxxxx

momma (1st January 205)
my darlingest Grace......3am and I am thinking of you all the time....a new year, you would ALWAYS be the first to wish us happy new year. Tonight I realised that the last time I played Pictionary was when we were all in France together. It is so hard to want to turn back the clock so badly. We have had a red Christmas candle burning all the time for you this Christmas and it finally burnt itself out just before midnight...amazing. I have a bright red new one to light for you tomorrow, another new year. I love you forever, my darling girl. xxxxx

Momma (28th December 2014)
Today we went to the family Christmas party at Big Robert's; so many family same as it always was when you came....and Ros's delicious food - lots of fun and laughs and we all thought of you and drank a toast to you. Poppa and I had given everyone a special flower (Begonia Grace) and we all talked about how well or how badly the plants are doing...all part of our Christmas. Cicely gave me a gorgeous butterfly brooch, thinking of you I know. And I wore the pearl bracelet you gave me for that wonderful Christmas...that year you gave me so many perfect presents. Each time I wear it I feel you have just given it to me. Thank you again....and again. Now it is bed time...loads of Christmas love. xxxxx

Momma (25th December 2014)
Merry Christmas to you, my best Christmas girl.....I do hope you can see the house looking magical just the way you always love it. Everything I did, I thought of you. You helped me along.....And Jasper has decorated your room beautifully as he always does (though I did it last year when he was away). All your own things, your cards, the decorations you always put up and loved. Once again, Robert's little tree he gave you is with you in the church yard, with lights so it looks very pretty. And we bought a tiny white house with stars and a moon for windows and there is a light inside. You would absolutely love it so I am hoping you know it is there with our fondest love for you. Father Christmas has just left a stocking each for Jasper and William, and Robert will get his when he comes on Boxing day. Father Christmas misses you dreadfully, he told me how much he misses your letters. It is fun when I bump into him when he is busy filling the stockings! He always has the brandy and mince pie just like when you put them out for him and you never forgot the carrots for his reindeer. Sweet times. Loving you, Momma. xxxxx

Momma (25th December 2014)
It's a bright sunny day...beautiful. I have on the bracelet you gave me, so clearly I remember being absolutely thrilled on Christmas always were so generous and thoughtful and an amazingly clever shopper.....and I have my Christmas day uniform on (the green top you gave me)! It means you are here with me all the time................xxxxx

Grace Pigott (22nd December 2014)
I was wondering if you were watching over us this weekend. When we're all together I never fail to wonder where you are or what you're doing, always wishing you could be with us. Not sure how another Christmas has arrived - time is flying by and we miss you everyday. Merry Christmas G! x x x

Momma (22nd December 2014)
Always always always thinking of you my lovely Grace. I want to say so much. Later. love you. xxxxx

momma (22nd December 2014)
I so hoped to write to you today but now it is too late and I am still disorganised....remember how you loved it....all the chaos running up to Christmas and then the magical dawning of Christmas morning when everything was perfect and beautiful for all of us. I think of that all the time Grace darling. xxxxx

Anon (9th December 2014)
For Grace's Momma, By chance I came across this page remembering Grace. I have a little girl myself and I have been so moved by your memories of Grace and by this page, clearly remembering a very special young woman. Have no doubt - she knows you're remembering her, each and every day. Sending you lots of love, another Momma. x

momma (9th December 202=14)
The message above is lovely and truly heart warming for me...especially as you are another Momma. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts....I am happy and grateful to find so much kindness brought out through Grace.

momma (7th December 2014)
Oh Grace, everything about Christmas makes me want you to be here...I always wish people 'Merry' Christmas (not 'Happy' as I used to when you explained it should be 'Merry'!) on your instructions and think of you every single time. I still have the 'Keep Out' sign I made for when I was wrapping your loved all that so much... I can't get used to it and only be happy when I think of you. That is what people say I should be doing but it is just not possible yet. It hurts too much. I love, love, love you.......xxxxxx

Momma (23rd November 2014)
I've been thinking about you, talking about you, so much.....Christmas is coming and that is a such a special time for you and for all of us thinking about you Grace. It is still so hard, sometimes almost impossible, to realise you are not here and won't be here for Christmas. I see so much I want to buy you and know you would love. I feel we are both deprived of that intense pleasure, I do buy you little things, and cards, and you are included in my every day life all the time. So I feel you are with me. LOVE YOU. xxxxx

Anon (3rd November 2014)
Dearest Grace, a glorious autumn is now turning colder but we are warmed by many, many special memories of you. Always in our hearts and minds, Much love, S xx

Laura Cheng
Hi there, sorry this is such a random message. I was lying in bed trying to catch a few winks before my two little ones wake up from their naps and Grace popped into my head out of nowhere! I was her maths teacher when she was in 4th and 5th form at Teddies. I was only 22 and she used to tell me she couldn't believe I was around the same age as her brother. You are not supposed to have favourites but Grace was one of mine. I've taught hundreds of children since most of whom's names I have forgotten but she has stayed with me and not because she is no longer on earth. I was always struck by Grace's beauty as no doubt everyone was and used to think back then how she'd have the pick of the men as she got older. And then there was her personality and to top it all her enthusiasm and talent for maths - what more could anyone want?! She was an absolute go getter and most certainly got my full attention, she wouldn't allow anything else yet she had the people skills to keep me sweet - she recognised me as a person rather than just a teacher figure. I really miss her which probably seems odd as I wouldn't have known her. My little girl is three years old and has real zeal and zest for life just like Grace, she must have brought you such joy as a little one. She touched the lives of so many and ironically taught me so much when it was supposed to be the other way round. Thank you for such a wonderful gift to the world.

Carol (25th October 2015)
Laura....what a truly, wonderfully comforting message you have just left. I cannot reply to you personally (Grace's mum, Carol here) as I have no way to do that. But your message has made me so happy and proud and so much stronger because it has reinforced that which I know but somehow begin to wonder about - whether I am dreaming about how special Grace was and is to me and so many others. As time goes on, naturally one hears less and less but the missing of her becomes no easier. It is a enormously uplifting to receive a message like yours...thank you again, so much.

Ruth (16th October 2024)
Had prayers today for all your family. xx

momma (17th October 2014)
Missing you so much Grace... I want to believe you see all my messages and know what is in my helps very much to know people are still thinking of you. xxxxx Thank you Ruth for your prayers.

Momma 15th October 2014
Darling much has been happening....Poppa has reached 70 and we had a big lunch to celebrate...we all included you and drank a toast to the best daughter imaginable. We have also been to stay with Zigi in France (mostly so I can try to learn Pilates properly!). We had such a good time. Missed you all that time too. Now we are back and I look at the fridge magnet I have put up next to your picture in the kitchen - it is so very true: You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own. ― D.M. Dellinger seems to be made for you. Loving you as much as ever. Momma xxxxx

Momma 15th October 2014
Just to say, your garden is looking so pretty....the roses look beautiful....gentle colours and lovely scents. I love that it is for you. xxxxx

momma (29th September 2014)
Grace, we came back last night from spending a glorious weekend in Copenhagen where William and Julia treated us, Robert, Becks, Felix, Dorothy, Jasper and Emma, to the most wonderful time in celebrating William's 30th birthday. I thought of you constantly, wanted you to be there so very much. It is just impossible to think you miss all of this. I feel you and hug you but want to see you and laugh with you and see you playing with Felix and Dorothy - just all of that. Just because it has been a while now, it doesn't mean it gets easier. We just get more used to it. love you tons and tons, always. xxxxx

momma xx (24th September 2014)
I love you xxx I can't say much more xxxxx hope you know what I feel and think about you. xxxx

It seems so so so long since I wrote to you but, as usual, I have been bombarded with thoughts about you which I have wanted to write down but things have always got on top of me. Sometimes it feels as though you just simply cannot have gone. You are as vivid as ever and I love to hear you giggle and see you smile. And see you on the sofa, feet up, drawing....often with something like a house makeover programme on the tv just on in the background. I see these things all the time. I see you sitting on the floor of your room, asking me to rub fake tan into your back where you can't reach....picking out a magazine in Tesco and begging me to buy it! Just a thousand things. They all make up my beautiful daughter Grace. I still feel the luckiest mother in the world to be yours. BGITW....xxxxx

momma (21st August 2014)
thinking of you - as usual - never doubt it xxxx xxxx ooo

momma (5th August 2014
Grace, I have just eaten the biggest, most delicious, ripe, sweet, juicy, delectable nectarine - I closed my eyes and thought of you as I ate it, knowing exactly how much you would absolutely adore it. My beautiful girl. Always loving fruit so much. It gave me so much pleasure to bring it to school or buy or grow it for you wherever you were....Yesterday Jenny and David came to see us bringing an enormous bouquet of white lilies....they smell divine and they are for you.
loving you always. xxxxx

momma (22nd July 2014)
Grace, it seems so long since I wrote. I am thinking of you all the time and now I am bursting and can't contain myself any longer.... it is SO hard (but good) to be 'friends' on Facebook with Pradeep (you know, from the Basanvangudi Aquatic Centre, your Bangalore swimming club). He has brought a team over to Scotland for the Commonswealth games and you would be SO SO happy about it...and you would probably go and see them. Just to think you were swimming in that 50 metre pool, doing lengths of butterfly when you were seven. I always find that hard to believe. You achieved so much. I was so proud of you. It would have been so perfect if you had gone back to Bangalore and gone and seen the pool again, and Narayan and Pradeep. They would have been so happy to meet you again and to see what a lovely young lady you were growing into. Sometimes it is all overwhelming, thinking about hurts a lot.
These reminders are the between I try to just get on with life but then something like this turns up and I relive it again. I love you so much. Momma xxxxx

Anon (7th July 2014)
Message you are so lovely x

momma (7th July 2014)
Grace, I have been remembering and looking at so many presents you have given me. That last Christmas, you went totally overboard....I can't believe how much you gave me and all so perfect. You are the best....Christmas was always so much fun with you. You were so excited and it made it lovely for us. Thank you for all those happy times. xxxxx

Anon (4th July 2014)
Henley today. Fond memories of punting, regattas, the best of England's summer and how you always added an extra sparkle. Always missed and always remembered with much love. S xx

momma (4th July 2014)
Remembering the times we had at Henley....times we took you and times when you went with the Dragon because you rowed. I loved watching you row. Miss you so much. xxxxx

momma (26th June 2014)
I'm always buying cards for you Grace. I still love giving them to you and I found two really lovely ones I could not resist. Of course they always have hearts and/or butterflies on because they remind me of you so much.
You are very special and always will be. Loving you for ever. Momma xxx

Grace, I think of you all the I am wearing the green strappy top you gave me. I remember so well how much you loved giving presents. Especially things to me that you chose. I love them all. You have been so generous and with so little to spend. If only we could do it all over again. I was in Cheltenham yesterday, we have been together so often, I could envisage you browsing through Topshop clothes and then we got a sandwich and ate it on the bench outside sometimes. It would have been so natural for you to have been there with me. Missing you and loving you always. Momma xxxxx

Anon (18th June 2014)
About to leave teddies after 5 years, your still in the whole schools heart

Madeleine (3rd June 2014)

Happy Birthday Grace! You always had such lovely traditions with your family to celebrate every year. Thinking of you xxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my special Best Birthday Girl........all love from me.....xxxxx

clare Benians (3rd June 2014)
Happy birthday Grace. We still cherish such fond memories of punting, cherries and picnics with you and your lovely family. They'll miss you as much as ever but you are still very much alive in our hearts x

momma (2nd June 2014)
Darling Grace....I want to write just before it is your birthday tomorrow because our birthdays are so close and you always made mine special....I did have a lovely birthday and am very glad to belong to Facebook now (it has changed a bit since you definitely didn't want me to join!) because it is fun to get messages from friends who would otherwise not send birthday wishes. I WISH we could go punting tomorrow but we need to help Robert by going to look after Felix and Dorothy because Becks is in America. I will think of you absolutely all day, you will be with me and I will be with you. I love you and nothing has changed. Very much love.......Momma xxxxx

Anon (25th May 2014)
Always remembering you and all the love and joy you gave. S xx

Momma (25th May 2014)
Grace, you would be wishing Lara happy birthday today...I know you would...and remembering all the fun times. Missing you....xxxx

momma (22nd May 2014)
Grace, I am so devastated....yesterday I spent about 5 hours slaving in the allotment, lacerated by gooseberries as I weeded amongst them and, today, I have just found that the photo of you, and the little cross, on the bracelet that Ely's mum gave me, have gone...they must have got ripped off during the weeding so there is NO hope of finding them. I wear the bracelet every day, whatever else I am wearing and will feel bereft without them. I will have to get another but, all the same, I want the original back....although, in fact, it was also a replacement as I did lose the first in some mysterious way I never discovered....a day out in Bristol with lawyers I think. It upset me so much. It feels so unfair. I don't know how to get one but Kate will tell me I am sure. I love you and miss you, more and more sometimes. xxx

momma (11th May 2014)
Darling is suddenly cold and I got out that old grey soft cardy I got in a charity shop; it is cosy and you used to wear it and I can only remember you in it now. So I must write. I love you. Best girl...always.
love from your loving Momma

Momma (8th May 2014)
The time has gone so fast, Grace, it always does. It positively scares me. I remember you used to think it went fast too and that seemed strange for someone as young as you. It would have been because you were enjoying life so much, I feel sure. I know most of the time you did but I also remember those sad times for you. I really mind them. I wish I could have done something about them. Right now I am thinking about you so very much. I can't sleep but I had better try again. I love you tons and tons. Even if you are not in the world, I still think of you as my BGITW and always xxx xxx

momma (23rd April 2014)
I can't believe I just found myself talking to you, calling you I often do....that name came from the boys calling you Guacamole.... amongst the many nick names they had for you...and it just shocked me that I could think you are right here. I have been looking at photos I took of how you arranged your cupboards in your new really shows me how much you would love your room. Also, I meant to tell you that, on the day of your service, I decided to wear your beautiful chain Alex gave you, you loved it so much, and the silver G, the silver cross and the silver Koran Poppa gave you, just as you wore them every day....and I am still wearing them, I love feeling so close to you this way. xxxx

Susan (21st April 2014)
Grace I haven't talked to you for ages! I have just watched the beautiful & happy service for you. I couldn't be there but Alice was able to go & read a lovely piece of poetry. The cherry tree at Teddies is covered in blossom & all the flowers underneath it are blooming. Your wooden seat needs some TLC. I shall talk to Bob & Momma. Thinking of you every day. xx

momma (20th April 2014 Easter Day)
It's a week and a day since the most beautiful service was held in Lower Swell church...for you. All the words and songs (Grace P and Olivia were truly amazing singing their song) were hugely uplifting and wonderful and everything was perfectly for you. As for the flowers.......oh, they are just incredible. I love flowers so much and these, for you, are unbelievably beautiful..all smelling heavenly...all the most glorious fragrances and colours.....and your favourite lilies from Jenny and S....the warmth and love in the church (over 70 came for you) and these beautiful flowers show how much people care about you Grace and I am so proud and it makes me happy. I love you so so much. xxxxx

Great Aunt Ann! (8th April 2014)
Dear Grace, I can't believe that it is 5 years sine zigi phoned me with the terrible news. I'm sorry that you never got to see us in the USA - your Mum comes at least once a year and it is lovely to have her. She misses you so much but had made a lovely garden with your favourite flowers and she goes and is happy there, feeling you close by. I wish I'd had the opportunity of knowing you better - you really were a great kid! Much love........Ann

Anon (7th April 2014)
Love you G-Rat x

Rachel (7th April 2014)
Such a sad day day for all the family and those touched by Grace. My thoughts and love are there for you all xx

Kate (7th April 2014)
Thinking of you Grace xxxxxxxx

Ruth (7th April 2014)
Praying for all your family, Grace, at this anniversary time. xx

Zigi (7th April 2014)
Aaaah, Grace, how right Momma is - you are always with us, because we think of you all the time - Your aged aunt Zigi is a lousy correspondant, but that doesnt mean to say I have forgotten you - far from it! I have a special story for you - even Momma doesnt know this! My Tif gave me the most wonderful Christmas present of 2 tickets to Andre Rieu, a charismatic violinist who has devoted his whole life to making beautiful music accesible to millions - it was just the best evening - I loved it - he plays romantic Johan Strauss waltz's and I was floating on a cloud of happiness........ and then .... the tempo changed and his pretty clarinettist picked up the bagpipes next to her and they played Amazing Grace - It was a truly beautiful moment which I shall never forget - You were there in that huge arena, all around us and it made me so happy. I'm so sorry I couldnt be with Momma and Poppa and everyone today, but I found a wonderful verse which I want to share with you and all your friends, which I feel says it all perfectly. Grace and Beauty Her beauty walks before her Night and day blend together In cloudless skies and starry nights Her eyes warm the earth and Mellow human hearts. Lots of love, and remember even if I dont write I am thinking of you - your aging auntie Zig xxx

Ian (7th April 2014)
Thinking of you today Grace and your amazing family and friends .... Ian x

Anon (7th April 2014)
Dear Grace, I was given this lovely poem recently by a dear friend, I thought I would share it with you. It's called Death is Nothing at All Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, That, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effect. Without the trace of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same that it ever was. There is absolute unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you. For an interval. Somewhere. Very near. Just around the corner. All is well. Sending loads of love

I just so love the poem which someone so kind has sent are in so many minds today, Grace. I am so proud of you. xxxxx

momma (7th April 2014)
my beautiful's been a happy day because of all the wonderful warmth and good wishes sent our way from all who knew you or have got to know you over the past five years. You are amazing. Now we look forward to our service on Saturday for you and all your friends. (Your 'old brother William' (as he signed himself) gave you a beautiful big bunch of flowers today which are up with you now....and all the flowers in the house are glorious too...all my love Momma xxx.

Momma (7th April 2014)
Just to say, Grace, you would have loved yesterday afternoon....I was brave and asked for a request for you on the radio (bbc Oxford, there is a programme I listen to every Sunday afternoon...exactly the sort I love and you will know what sort that is!) - they played, for you, Elvis singing 'Amazing Grace' and it just blew me away...........always thinking and missing you xxxxx

Momma (7th April 2014)
My darling Grace....I love you, nothing changes, and will be writing later.

momma (5th April 2014)
Best Grace, I think you will love our service for you. So many of your friends are showing how much they appreciate, think of you and love you. I have been looking at so many photos, it makes me feel you are right here. I was talking to Jane this afternoon (she will take the service) and she explained that, as long as we think of you, you are here with us. I love that. My best love for my best girl.......xxxxxx

momma (30th March 2014)
Thinking of you so much today, Mother's Day, and missing your card. I have had a lovely day, the boys and Becks have been wonderful so I am very lucky. But I still miss you - so much.

Ely (28th March 2014)
Hi Mousie, such a long time since ive been on here so thought id leave a message, just to say hi and that we are thinking of you. Its almost april and that means its almost been 5 years which has gone by like a flash.your mumma has arranged a service for you which i think will be a lovely day. im looking forward to it and hoping there is lots of chatter as we go over all our memories about you. love you xxxx

Anon (22nd March 2014)
Dearest Grace, always thinking of you. Times flies, but not our memories of all the love and joy you gave. S xx

momma (16th March 2014)
Darling Grace. I'm with Ann in America, your print is beside my bed. I miss you so much and have been worrying lately that I just didn't look after you well enough. I should have known exactly where you were every single night and I didn't know where you were staying that last night. We were constantly in touch most days and just about every night (you were brilliant like that, knowing I worry) but not that night. You nearly didn't go...and, having decided you would, you nearly missed the train. In retrospect, we can say 'if only....' about so much. I know if wasn't an easy evening for you (which always makes me even sadder) and I just wanted to let you try to enjoy it the best way you could. I am so sad you weren't with your closest friends that evening. It seems all makes me feel very bad that things could and should have been so different....xxxxxx

Ruth (10th March 2014)
Praying for your family tonight, Grace. xx

Momma (10th March 2014)
Grace....whenever I go into your room - today I was dusting and vacuuming - I am overwhelmed about how much you would love it. It is so light and airy and there is definitely an air about you there. Maybe it is because I have put so many lilies for you, there is a lingering scent which reminds me of you. I do love you so much. If only you could have spent time in your own lovely room. xxxxx

Anon (2nd March 2014)
Thinking about you tonight, many years on but not at all forgotten... I think of you so often x

momma (2nd March 2014)
As you always knew, we have just had our wedding anniversary and i thought of you so much remembering how we came to watch you in a netball match in Cheltenham on our our anniversary in 2009 and you made a card for us on the bus. You never forgot. Thank you for all my dear memories of you. xxxxx

Anon (26th February 2014)
Always in our lives; shining the brightest light. S xx

Momma 23rd February 2014
Sometimes all I can do is think of you Grace. I have put some lovely hyacinths for you but, when I go to the churchyard, I am still so sad and want you to be there. When I see photos of you, you are so alive and lovely. I know I will feel like this for ever, You are so vivid in my mind. xxxxx

Thinking of my best girl so so so much today and remembering so many Valentine days...some happy, some sad, but all full to the brim with your love xxxx

Momma 31st January 2014
I'm wearing your lovely warm cardy....Topshop...thank you for getting it Grace. I can just see you in you xxxx

momma 30th January 2014
xxx xxx missing you too much Grace. All the time I think - so often I borrow your colours. I remember how much you loved to have lots and how we bought them together, you loved high lighters and felt tips and pencil colours etc...and they are all neatly kept in your zip up bag. Today I borrowed your gumboots as it was so cold in the garden - the ones I was so shocked about the price! They are brilliant and you were right to want them. The fur lining is so cosy. All these sorts of things remind me of you all the time and make me wonder why you are not hear to enjoy them. loads of love Momma xxx

momma (24th January 2014)
I've been up in the attic...I just don't know what to do with lovely things that remind me of you - I don't know whether to give them away so they stop hurting or to keep them and treasure them and be miserable whenever I see them. So hard. I will try to think what you would like me to do - I am about to have my bath and I will be thinking. I always think of you, especially in my bath, and I love you so much. Think of all the times when I ran your bath because you were always worried it would be too hot or too cold. Oh, if only I could do that for you again.......sorry to sound so miserable but it does happen sometimes. You seem to be only just so recently here. xxxxxx

Anon (15th January 2014)
Dearest Grace, It has been too long since my last message but that does not mean we have not, as always, been thinking of you. So many memories from around Christmas and the New Year. They never fade and nor does your place in our hearts. Much love, S xx

momma (14th January 2014)
Grace, when I allow myself to think deeply about what has happened, it wrenches my heart. It feels physical. I don't think that will ever change.
Yesterday I had such an absolutely lovely email from Elly, she wrote all about the naughty fun you and she had when you stayed with her in Scotland...I hadn't known about it before and it is wonderful to hear something fresh and so much fun. I wish I knew all the memories all your friends cherish. It would take a lifetime to hear them all I would imagine!
You are precious to so many. Hopefully, your friends - being younger and with so much ahead in their lives - are healing more quickly..........xxxxx

Momma (10th January 2014)
Gracie.....people say when I think of you I should feel happy - and I often do - but how can I not feel achingly sad when each year I see that sweet little book, 'Trade Secrets for Christmas', you gave me, with what you wrote, loving, and have always been so sensitive to others' feelings...always caring about mine and it just makes me love you all the more and miss you dreadfully. It's still very hard for me to accept you won't be coming home. xxx xxx

Momma (twefth night 6th January 2014)
Thinking of you all the time. Putting Christmas away is never a happy time and I know you didn't like it. I felt you all around at Christmas - especially when playing our Christmas music which you so loved; I must put all the little things in your room away............they will come out each year just like all the rest of our usual decorations (though, because Jasper is in Kurdistan this year, we missed the classic paper chains!). This year we got two new things for you to put on the tree.....a beautiful gossamer-winged butterfly and the prettiest, daintiest little fairy. love you always. xxxxx

Momma (1st January 2014)
Darling's just a few minutes into the New Year and you would have been on the phone to wish us a Happy New Year by I am thinking of you massively and remembering how fortunate we are to be able to hold you in our minds. William phoned from Norway and Jasper from Kurdistan - and Robert and Becks are up North of course. We all hope and pray for a good will be another year of missing you but that's how it is and always will be. Love you tons. xxx Momma xxx

Momma (30th December 2013)
I suddenly felt like putting a Christmas photo of you, with all the presents you were bringing downstairs for under the tree, onto Facebook so I could share you with others...and so many people have 'liked' it and commented about how lovely you are. Old friends and new friends. It fills me with pride and love to realise, all over again, how special you are and how lucky we have been and that so many people will never, ever forget you. I should never doubt though sometimes I seem to need reassurance. Time brings changes but, for me, it won't change. loads of Christmas love. xxx

momma (29th December 2013)
Today I walked to Upper Swell but I could only remember how that was where you walked when you went to see Marina just a couple of days before your accident. And I collected you on the way back after you texted that it was hard to walk carrying your laptop. It will always be a memory. It has been a beautiful day today and people are visiting in the church yard, there are so many wreaths there this year. This is the third year we have taken Robert's little Christmas tree up for you. It's doing very well! Hope it will last for next year too. Spring will soon be here and, once more, snowdrops will surround you. Thinking of you, love, Momma xx

Momma (28th December 2013)
Been walking to Stow and back, imagining we were arm in arm....xxxx

momma (27th December 2013)
I couldn't get to anywhere to write to you on Christmas day...we remembered you with our champagne (thought you would like that!) and, and again with our wine at Christmas dinner, then at about 7pm we walked up to the top of a hill (Robert, Becks, Felix, Dorothy, William, Poppa and me) and we lit a Chinese lantern and sent it floating up up and away - far away into the sky, and it was for you. It was beautiful. You are beautiful. It looks as though no one remembered you as there are no obvious signs but, be sure, many, many of us will always remember you.xxxxx

momma (27th December 2013)
lots of candles for you today and lots of thoughts xxx xxx xxx

momma (28th December 2013)
Been walking to Stow and back, imagining we were arm in arm....xxxx

momma (20th December 2013)
I am more and more busy (you know, you found it all so exciting). I still have the notice I made for you 'Keep Out' loved it so much when I was wrapping all your presents and then you would take them down in batches to put under the tree. Lots and was lovely giving you surprises. And you were unbelievably generous, loving wrapping your own, having nothing much to spend, you always managed to give perfect presents, always so beautifully done up and labelled. It just isn't the same without could it be though? We will take your little Christmas tree up to the church yard soon, and there will be a lovely wreath for you made by Vivien, and Nicholas's Christmas card. My heart wants to break when I think about how much you should be HERE. loving you always, Momma xxxxxx

Anon (18th December 2013)
Dearest Grace, Thinking about you even more than ever. Much, much loved and always in our hearts and minds. Not sure about Santa but I do believe in Angels and you are surely one. Much love, S xx

Momma (23rd December 2012)
Darling Grace. Today I am doing all that I would normally do on Christmas eve as we will be leaving early to go up to Robert and Becks. All the time I think of you. Your little tree is up with you and a lovely holly wreath; the weather is terrible and I hope they are still there! I can remember you here at Christmas and all the excitement so vividly and I am glad I can. Missing you so so much. xxxxx

Momma (16th December 2013)
We are going to do the tree today....well, I am! Poppa will help getting it inside etc and I will miss everyone helping. First time for years that William won't be able to arrange the lights and tinsel and Robert and he and Jap (and YOU - your favourite job) won't be here to hang all the lovely little decorations on the tree. This year, we bought a beautiful delicate butterfly for the tree which I know will make me feel you are here all the time. And this will be the first time for ever (since the boys were old enough to make the chains) that we won't put many of the paper chains up (Jasper does it so expertly!); also, Jap decorates your room with all your little lovely things and cards each year....I am not sure I will manage will make me so very sad. I will try.................I love you so much Grace. Thinking of you and I know you will be there with me when I play the Andrews Sisters (as always) and decorate the tree! xxxx

Ruth (13th December 2013)
I prayed for your family today, Grace, while I was putting up our Christmas decorations xx

momma (15th December 2013)
This weekend, we were away in Cumbria with Susa and Richard for a really big family (Hadman)party which included all the children and new babies; I missed you and Jasper so much. I know how much you would have loved it and I pictured you there, wishing so much you could be. It seems no time since you were with us at the parties at Big Robert's, Ros's and Cicely's house. Anyway, I always feel you are part of it and included with me. Love you so. xxxx

momma (9th December 2013)
My heart nearly breaks every time I find another drawing for me, always with a loving message from you....I just love them all and treasure them; I have some of your beautifully made, thoughtful, Christmas labels. If only I had kept them all, in the rush of Christmas, some must have been thrown out - at the time, we would have been having lots of fun and no one would have dreamt that they should be so treasured. I LOVE YOU so much. xxx

When I find myself thinking of you so much and all the time, I feel I will burst if I don't write to you and tell you all about it. Jasper's blog, which arrived yesterday, is so funny about would really really laugh and he knows that and so that's why he says he's written this chapter for you. Hope you can read it, oh, how I do. Meanwhile, everything about Christmas is reminding me of you will be like that forever. In my mind, you and Christmas are inseparable. I wanted to tell you lots of things and thoughts but now I suddenly can't remember them and need to rush on....soon I will take the little Christmas tree (Robert gave you two years ago, it is still looking good) up to you and get a lovely special wreath. We all miss you so much darling. xxxxxxx

Sally (23rd November 2013)
Hey Grace, just shown you to Dulce she thinks your very beautiful, much more beautiful than Rob ha!! Bex has been over in sunny Bridlington for the past few days so we've seen Felix and Dot, you would of adored them they are fab little characters, full of fun and mischief a bit like you.xxxxxxxxxxx

Momma (23rd November 2013)
Grace, so good to know your website is valuable to so many far and is now part of you for me and I couldn't do without it. I just love to hope that it gathers together so many of your lovely friends, all with positive thoughts of you - I am never sure, but I think so many do look still and do think of you and miss you dreadfully, as I do. With Christmas coming, it is even more intense because I see so many things I want to buy for you and give you for little surprises as you loved and I absolutely loved to do. And what is almost worse, is knowing how much you adored to give shiningly generous and thoughtful you were, always choosing wonderful presents with great care and love. I still can't believe we have been so lucky but I only wish I had told you all the things I think about now, more often. xxxxx

Anon (8th November 2013)
Dearest Grace, we buried a very dear friend on Thursday. An old soul, 96, but with a deep love of young souls; she has over 100 grand and great grand children! Please look out for Mary Ellen and say 'Hi' from me. As we buried her coffin, the piper played Amazing Grace perfectly. Always in our hearts, S xx

momma (6th November 2013)
just thinking of you, as usual, and sending lots of my love. I so wish I could do more. I really want to hug you. xxxxx ooooo

momma (28th October 2013)
Grace, I have found a box full of small things...lovely things you gave me, so many loving notes and little letters, Christmas labels, so beautifully made and cut out with such care and love. I can only look for a short time, it is overwhelmingly sad to know you felt so much and now it is all quiet. But, when I see how much you cared, how much trouble you took, I feel really privileged and lucky - to have had a daughter such as you is exactly what your name, Grace, means - an unwarranted gift from God. We must have known right from the start because, when we saw you when you were first born, we knew your name was Grace. I will always love you and pray to see you again. My darling girl....Momma xxxxx

momma (15th October 2013)
Just can't sleep Grace...thinking of you all the time and wondering why you are not here helping me to get things straight. You would love to be.
love you so much, always will. xxxx

momma (14th October 2013)
Grace, I am missing you so much today. I have really got the blues. Shopping in Tesco does it often. Today, I wandered up and down the aisles remembering all the things I would buy for you. It just comes over me, I can't really stop it. I went to see you in the churchyard, thinking the lilies would be looking dreadful but, even though they have been there well over a week (while we were away in Crete), somehow they look very beautiful and perfect. Clever Poppa chose them and they were so tightly in bud I didn't think they would come out....but they have! Jasper is biking to Kurdistan and writes funny stories about his trip. He has a blog and people can write comments. I know you would just love everything about it. Maybe he would have persuaded you to join in for a short bit (you wouldn't have considered it years ago but you were changing and enjoying this sort of exertion); Robert is going over in November to join him for a week or two I think. That's just what Robert needs, being a GP is stressful! You could have gone with him. xxxxx Best love

Immy (10th October 2013)
Hey Gracie, been thinking about you lots recently, just reminiscing about times at school. Always wondering what you would be up to now, I am sure you would have graduated with a first degree, and on your way to getting a great job, and getting excited about us all living in London together. Annoying I wouldn't be with you guys yet still doing my degree. Always end up day dreaming about you when I am trying to work, which is a great distraction. Ayway probably should do some work now. Missing you all the time. Xxx

Maddie (6th October 2013)
Hi Grace, I still think of you a lot and what you would be doing now. I'm sure everyone does as you left such a strong impression. You were always so positive and happy, and you taught me how to do the perfect messy ponytail though yours always looked much better than mine. Thinking of you always reminds me to be more grateful for what I have because you were so thankful and kind. Much love to you and all your family, Maddie

Back home again, I will go out to your garden here soon as it needs a bit of attention. Also, I am going to plant flowers in your garden at Teddies this week. I am not quite ready to leave it all to Bob (the lovely head gardener) to do yet as I have so many memories of you in the Quad. Part of you will always be there at Teddies - sometimes I do feel you were robbed of all the future places you would have been and experiences you would have had, and friends you would have met, and it is hard to come to terms with that. Meanwhile, I will get some solace from planting the cyclamen and pansies under your cherry tree. I love you. Momma xxxxx

Momma (30th September 2013)
Grace, I want to write and talk to you so badly and so many thoughts come into my head but I am usually in the middle of something and can't stop. Now I must go to bed because we are going to Crete tomorrow (Susa's house for a week...everyone in the family has been at least twice but we have never managed's where Robert and Becks went for their honeymoon, I wish you could come, so so much) by Ryanair (you wouldn't like having to take so little luggage!) and there seems to be masses to do in the morning. I will look forward to writing when I get back. I love you. Momma xxxxxx

Grace (30th September 2013)
Hi Gracie..I'm currently sitting at my desk looking out into the garden pretending to be searching and applying to various jobs. Its so tedious! I often end up day dreaming and in fact think of you quite often, wondering what you'd be up to now. I reckon you'd go one of two ways, with either some cracking internship/job lined up or you'd be off travelling the world with your happy-go-lucky personality and care-free attitude. It makes me sad that you can't be here to go through all the stages of life with us; so wish you were. Miss you so much. All my love x x x

Momma 25th September 2013
Grace, it seems just the other day when we used to go to Tesco and you always used to ask me for a magazine and I was never sure about those magazines! Then one day, you stopped asking, knowing I probably wasn't too happy about them and you just knew it wasn't worth bothering with them. I am thinking of you a lot while Jasper is on his cycling ride to Kurdistan. You would either think he was bonkers or be very proud of him...actually I think it would probably be both for you! I felt so sorry for you when the boys used to tease you and force you to go jogging with them, how you hated it...but you always did it. Then, so recently (it seems) you started to really really love running and it seemed you couldn't get enough of it. So perhaps you would also be taking part in marathons, triathlons etc. I am sure you would have done a triathlon as swimming was your real love. Oh well, I could just go on and on and on but I have to do some work. I miss you impossibly. Have just been in your room, you seem to be still there with all your things which you loved. I haven't got them out yet, all your clothes are just as you folded and left them. I can't do it yet. I will. loads and loads of love darling. M xxx 20130923225106